jaanuar 27, 2006

borna's project blog

borna's project blog Checked out what Borna Has done :)

developments in midde-east

heh, Hamas has won Palestinian parliament elections. and USA and Israel are now in front of trouble. a tough one.

PS! Football lottery

news is that Estonia and England will meet at the football pitch in Euro2008 qualifying :)
heh that means more brits in Tallinn than usual, and not only batchelor parties.
i wonder what will happen then :)

Requiem and deaths

Day of Mozart and Holocaust. Words that create different feelings for different people. Both include historical mystery. Requiem and death.Mozarts death and his last work Requiem. Strange heh. Jewish deaths and how its been raised above other WWII deaths. makes you wander. heh and who ever raises little critique towrds all things related jewish. like some people and historian who question holocaust, are labeled antisemites by some jews. Are Jews only Śemitic people of the world ;) so they can use this term so freely??? Arabs are semitic people too :) Heh, as much i disagree what nazis did and war, i dislike that some peoples deaths are raised to be more significant. What about all other who died at hand of nazis too ?