aprill 27, 2006

Got call from Nab last sunday, Carlyle in Hitler movie, Chernobyl 20 years

He was in england, while i unknown to me, i mailed him, because TV 3 showed film "Hitler" starring Robert Carlyle. I like his acting :) and nab Has been showingsome movies in past like Full Monty and Carla's Song. Actor is good if he can play roles from dictator to jobless man seeking his destiny.
Carlyle and his scottish accent is just great. He was bit funny to see as Hitler but film itself was good one.

Any way Nab told, some thieves stole his wallet in Reval Cafe( ex Aroma) while he was having a chat with friends. again these thieves. he better be careful next time, but its not nice to get treated like that

OH, yesterday passed 20 years of Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster that still haunts us( this region of Europe today) , i was 9 years old when that happened. They say 99% of belarus is conatminated.
yikes. Belarus is not that far away. Part of ukraine was also contaminated, radiation reached even other parts of Europe, and its aftermath mutilates and kills children still todayGuess, the soviet goverment hide the truth for nine 9 days also. i saw yucky documentary abt that yesterday.

summer is here

its warm 17 C yipppppie :) people are out walking
HAVE been helping dad for second night already helping him and other workman while they are setting up pipes, at least some kind of a job
oh and iwear my SW T-Shirt
lucky me
sun is shining
and looks like i am going to get some kind of reply, though when i shall see, could not go to meetings
oh And i got elected to assembly but this now wonder with 11-12 adults in this community'
things are quiet here.
s we shall see
there is hope :)
at least
byeeeee :)

aprill 26, 2006

star wars and french 98 world cup tshirt, helping dad, reply from Missis B

Yep :) Episode II t-shirt ang englands france 98 official mercahandize t-hirt is minee
:) i got it from sec hand shop and pretty cheap

Was helping dad in his work as well yesterday.more later


First reply after i sent another mail, from Missis B
"Dear Khaled,
I have printed your questions etc. and I will ask JL (from Canada), who is at the time visiting Estonia to give you his version of a reply, since we are on our way to Pärnu and hope to meet you there this evening and-or to-morrow, if this is OK with you.
B "
----- Original Message -----
From: Me
To: undisclosed
Sent: Tuesday, April 25, 2006 3:38 PM
Subject: Re: Important - For your information.
Well, maybe i am asking wrong crowd, am i not? Silence in mailbox :) Hope this is not intensional. or silence is an answer, that i should ask someone else, cauze maybe you dont know? please let me know,please.

Wed, 26 Apr 2006 05:02:02 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Important - For your information.
To:"Missis B

thanks, unfortunantly cant be at the meetings, since will be helping assisting dad on his pipework, please write me a mail. work is at evening. Khaled

aprill 25, 2006

No reply on my mailbox

I got 18 similar replies on denial website related letter post. See the comments and reply there.
What i havent got is a word from any person i mailed to since 21s of April i mailed them.
I dont know what that means!? But ill wait, and see.

aprill 21, 2006

Baha'i Rants: Short Term Memory

Baha'i Rants: Short Term Memory

Heh, more on denial website related topic



This is site last post focused on :) Visit it though it no longer collects signatures

Not in Best intererest of the Faith?? A letter from Bahai World Center Office of Public Information

I got this in may email box yesterday, which puzzled me.
Bahai faith is gernerally good beliefsystem, however its has its anomalies, like soemtimes one has to crack your head to get the idea what official letters have to say. Read on. Though, on bright side it develops my thinking :)
I removed the names of persons and private adresses except mine name
Dear Friends,

I'm sending this for your information, I feel it quite important regarding the "best interests of the Faith". Read the text below.
Best regards,
********** <*******@******> wrote:
Alláh'u'Abhá dear dear brothers,

I've sent an email to the OPI of the BWC to ask the on-line denial.co.za
and I think that it could be useful to share the reply to you,

From: "Office of Public Information \(Web\)"

To: "'''''" <''''@'''''>

Dear Bahá'í friend,

Your email message of 10 April 2006, to the Office of Public Information,
has been received. In response to your query regarding the Web site
, while the intention of those who developed the site is no
doubt sincere and the site has demonstrated its impact, the fact that
numerous identical letters of protest are being sent to the same recipients
is not in the best interests of the Faith. Therefore, it would not be wise
to encourage the friends to sign or send such letters.

With loving Bahá'í greetings,

Office of Public Information
Bahá'í International Community
My thoughts are in form of letter i sent today, to some local bahais

Dear Humans;
Thanx 4 the message ####!

I read it, and to be honest iam perplexed, confused, not getting the point!
I dont understand quite WHY
"the fact that numerous identical letters of protest are being sent to the same recipients is not in the best interests of the Faith." ??

Is it because A) that letters were numerous?
B) that they were identical?
C) that they were letters of protest
d) or the fact that alltohether abc they were sent same reciepents( which were many)

E)or that bahais should not partake in such signature collecting for reason of what? Is it politics?

F)or that that issue should be raised only through
proper channels ie Assemblies, PR offices rather than individuals setting up website with civil action effort? As the problem has been raised by PR efforts of Faith already?

Or that they that letters that have been sent have done its impact? Meaning issue has been raised, yes? Or it has caused problems or it has done good?

and the letter asked not to anymore send letters to friends and aquintances asking them to see and sign letters on website, because as i saw, case is closed?

if last is the case why letter uses phrases like " is not in best interests of the Faith" and "it is not wise to encourage?" Or should i start to read between the lines?
and assume that first could mean issue was not done in proper way, and second if you signed it, leave it single incident and do not fwd to wider audience?

Please could someone decode this letter for me
I d really appriciate
Thanks in advance
Khaled, The Alien King of Khaledistan ;)

aprill 19, 2006

Music in the air changes always

When i walked to libary, i heard music playing. Music in libary? Bit unusual, libary at least newspaper reading room is quiet place, if not to count sounds of people, of computers and noise of machine that appers to be either heater or condtioner. It was classical music, imagine Rock band in libary ;), though id put Queen to sing here, cause its classic and it rocks. And it was Mozarts music performed by some school children. It was a nice change, calming music. And then i was catching myself at thought that Mozarts music is Mozarts music because its performed at certain style, we have learned to be his music. true you can change something, but then would be something differnt, at least a bit. One wrong note or out tune instrument, and we say it aint the real thing. Same is with other things, songs thou you can change tune and keep the words. Then its same song in different variation. I like different interpretations of my favourite band Queen songs. There are at least 3-4 interpretaions of We Will Rock YOU, some of them are so funny, especially orchestra wersion by Max Raabe and one by some kid voices. Five+Brian May did excelent job too. But the point is that real thing means something we know :) Unaltered, same tune, same voice, same words. Because we are often not used to changes. Specially in ideas and people. But give us the time and knowledge that change is ok, then Bob is your uncle. Cause no person is what you think that person is always. That is unaltered. You cant step twice into same water says proverb. River is there but the water flows and changes. Always!

aprill 18, 2006

Hard to see dark side is*

It was great to see Starwars movies on TV3 on last both weekends. (I saw Phantom Menace, Attack Of Clones again, well part of them, and bit of A New Hope because it was late. TV3 decided to show all 3 original parts(New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Return of Jedi) two weeks ago at night time, and
I found out it by chance, of course i would have wanted to see the triology. if that would have been a day . But I decided I better sleep , Starwars movies will be around, if i need to see them again and again and again. Hehe, I love Starwars :) movie.

Last night there was episode of Star Trek, "Eden" episode. Where coool and rational crew meets happy hippy sort of religious group who wanted to get to Eden, and they the hippies take over the Starship Enterprise, by distracting crew by goodness. But there was a leader who was bit mad and way the group used the goodness to distract while having ulteriour motive to take ship to Eden.
Heh, hard to see dark side is.*(Yoda) In something/body that appears to be good. At the end its not only people who are only humans, but Eden turns to be out helly paradise. it looks nise but grass and fruits are acidy and poisonous. Human nature is tricky thing. There are no bad or good people IMHO per se, rather we do good and bad things. And yes we manipulate and use goodness, masks, noble phrases just to get our endresults. Huh, though sometimes its nessesary to mask or protect oneself or somebody. Are we doomed? I hope not. Are we angels? Certainly not :)

In humans there are egoistic and selfish needs, which are okay to extent, one has to take care oneself and ones interests. One needs to protect them as well. Some times end justifies the means. Sometimes it doesnt. It shouldnt. Dirty politics is of good example, that its not okay to do whatever you want. Ok enough of moral talk :) heh does humanity deserves heaven or hell or both?
I dont KNOW :) Sometimes i really dont know.

aprill 17, 2006

aprill 12, 2006

Nothing to say :P

Hello blogggggg

I have absolultly nothing to say execpt that i just said that.

well not true :P

Of course i have something to say

Did you know that word boy and whale are fenno-ugric in origin. Apparently during culture and trade relations between scandinavian and fenno-ugric people way back ago when after ancestors of estonians and fenno-ugric had arrived here in shores of baltic, these words got transferred to scandinavians. Word boy that is poiss in estonian was initially poi. Whale comes from estonian kala meaning fish, word kala got transformed into hwala in scandianivian.
Where did i learned that? I read it from book of ex-president, ex-writer and ex-traveller Lennart Meri " Hõbevalge" (Silverwhite) that one linguist said its so
more next time

aprill 11, 2006

Bakery is off

As to bakery, i left good impression first night, then got called back to do extra two. I did what i could, though i was only in helping posistion, no mixing of doughs and baking pies. BUTTTTTT.
BaKERY SAID NOOOO :( i had will power and showed best of me, but again my mortal enemy....speed was minus factor. gotta find job that where speed is not too much an need. eh but who knows maybe they just picked somebody else ;)

NEVERTHELESS IT WAS Good experience :) Yay, nightjob is not that scary option anymore. I can do that, me the night creature :D. And i love sweeeeeeeet jobs. sugar and flour power rules :)

as some "guests" im saw there as well :) I saw one mouse and two insects hehehehe. though i was suprised. in summer wasps love sugary enviroments as well. i hope they dont get into pies ;)

aprill 05, 2006


heh, first night at bakery was fine. i love smell of pastries. i have applied to pizza places as well, so well see. it was funny to come 5 am in morning while everyone is about to wake. more later....