mai 27, 2008

pictures from memorial event for Brigitte

Mixed feelings, memorial meeting

Brigitte is now buried, rests in peace! I attended memorial event in her honour and i have say she was remarkable woman indeed.Pictures and comments from Lawrence. Nice. I couldnt make it to funeral, but i a m somewhat happy that went. Saw Nabil and lots of people. And they were nice to meee. I felt funny though, tried to be invicible man. not all comfy. white crowish bit. polite answers. selected openings.
Nab was much easier to talk wit and Vassili, yeah. and Mark and Mart and others Though others chats werent bad, no they were friendly. made bit hard to tell that i feel to be out of fold. i didnt tell some ppl that i have kid. it is kind bizarre. i better shape up.

Coat of arms of Hasselblatt family, where Brigitte came from
Website in honor of Brigitte

Cartoon on Irans Bahai Case

Yeah Blame Canada eerrr Bahais hehe! who doesnt get joke search for shiraz explosion on search!

mai 19, 2008

News, Rhys visit, Brigittes Passing

First of all i got touch with Nabil and Rhys. Was happy to hear about Rhys and Nabil
Talks have begun. Rhys came over yesterday To Sprinwoodtown aka Pärnu!
I was so happy to see him spent whole evening talking, catching up, had dinner, walked. He has someone on horizon!

My close friends seem to be accepted the fact what has happened, i mean my babystory and switch in mindset. I am really lucky bastard hehe! but lets see where they can hang with me, oh, iam not that different, a bit differnt only, so i ll try to respect them and hope they respect me. NOT VERY PROUD THAT i didnt have guts to tell the news myself, but whats done is history.
But Then i would be accepting too if they did something that is out of their normal life ´routine.

I learned sadly that Brigitte was ill with cancer and passed away two days ago. R.I.P Brigitte Lundblade! it affećeted my mood a bit cause i hadnt chance to see her before death as i was not in touch with Bahais for some time. If not to count her appearance on TV program Ajalik ja Ajatu, last time i met her was July 2006 Summerschool. She was such a sound a nd active person for her age, she was like a grandmother, great mother. She will be missed. Even i miss her. and i even have startd to write tribute to her, its not ready but soon!
Lately poetry comes back to mee i wrote couple of poems by last two days, there is hope! I M not falling totally to glass and steel and Isengard worldempire! Yeah

I´learned about one more divorce, about different people are up to, which people did he meet iN Tallin and we talked about ourselfs. It was really nice to see him happy!