detsember 21, 2006

Holidays at door

Merry xmas everyone :) dont eat too much ! :D

detsember 20, 2006

yesterdays snow is todays water :)

ahhh looks like santa( if he exists hehe) has to use car or helicopter(like the one in news in brazil did) to visit Pärnu, cause it seems so far that no snow is coming for xmas, but well wait and see.
yesterday it had little snow, which changed to rain last night, so there was water again.

I Demand snow :) NOW

what else is new?
Working, but looks like get some free days
spending time with my lovely Kadri

One thing needs to be said, to me pride of own nation is ok, but i dont sign unto hate to all that is foreign, just I dislike negative actions of people, and not any race color or creed. sadly there are people who think that in order to preserve purity of nation, some need to be scared away( skins for example use intimidation and assault ESP OF OTHER COLOR.I Dont beleive there will be coming lots of blacks or asians in near future to estonia To use violence is stupid, it might have effect, but its against that persons right (like anybodys elses) to be, visit or to live in estonia, granted that this done legally and society benefits from them, rather than being just an reciever all the time.

I am tired to see russian politcs playing that oh there is nazi rise here record, but heh its old tune
this how they work, "frgetting" that they have skins as well own farright politicial oragnizations there in Russia. I guess its interests of their nation to play games with any neighours

detsember 05, 2006

biking is fun

I like biking, it gets you to place fast and it does not need other fuel than food :)
Qurrently listening to Queens Friends will be friends. i love The Queen :)
I wonder what will happen if need to change, and will friends will stay friends?
i hope they do :) But we shall see who will be friend after complete change of me?
I am listening now the smiths never had one never from album queen is dead heheh
ok enough for today :0)

detsember 04, 2006

whats new

I dunno :)

Bush visit is over;
iam still working, even on 24 and 31st;
well all else is really almost the same

So he said

The most important thing is for us to find Osama bin Laden. It is our number one priority and we will not rest until we find him.
--George w. Bush

Washington, DC

november 27, 2006

Bush is here

yep, he is coming today to Estonia then to Riga, and he brings lots of security measures. Closures of trafic on certain hours and streets in Tallinn, his security people( they said that they can shoot every suspicious acting people) even requireements what to put on greeting signes, though there will be no people seeing him on streets due to measures obviously
hah its bit stupid if you ask my opinion but he is man who has lots of no doubt why this whole thing is needed. some people wont just like it I included. Other leaders come and Its not so bad, but this makes you wonder.

november 10, 2006

Freddies back :)

hah, so long no post
keywords that has happened
Rumsfeld resinged
I work like crazy
Love my Kadri
Met Nab today and saw his new Skoda
Sister visited last week
igot my present-bookshops giftcard
translated a bit
did ya know that maybe London bombings ara as fake as WTC see one link
what else

more next time i am tired

oktoober 23, 2006

Winter is coming

yeah!!! summer is gooone for good

So...back again

i am Backkkk :)

We have new president :)))))))))))))) Thank God ;) I know, i know, still thank god and be driven towrds agnostic world is bit oxymoronish, but one cant fight language :) or rather habits. heheh
Anyway threee salutes for President Ilves!!! Lets see and hope that he will be a good president.

Last week British Queen visited Estonia. So i played God save The Queen in home again, Brian May is awesawe guitarrist :)

Constant confusion at workplace, i had extra shifts.

Went to see Wife begins at forty( estonian Title Linda tahab lahutada-Linda wants to divorce), a comedy play in Endla theatre. I wanted for some time to see a theatre and this play. this time for Zero cash :))))!!!!! Its about man-woman relationships.It was a british piece( Ray Cooney was one of the authors), hillarious :))))))) Kadri and me vere laughing our HEADS ;) LOL off. she got the tickets some weeks ago after she donated some of her bood, she is a donor :) since it was her birthday she got to get tickets or so. so she said. this girl is a brill

Ok now some blackmailing LOL ;) kidding
2 persons need to congratulate King Khaled at his reaching of 30.ya know who ya are :)
Rhys wrote month later and Nabil called me week or two later, thanks and thanks to those who remebered :)

september 14, 2006

I AM 30

Happy birthday to me :) i wonder why some people forgot, somebody who i thought remembered??????? if ya read this its not late to do so after :) with apologies

Iam democrat :)

You are a

Social Liberal
(65% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(35% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

august 29, 2006

last weeks key words

strolling with Kadri,
Sunset and Wavebreaker at Vana_Pärnu, swans and animals at theend of WB
Dads Back.
Oh and some times ago new phonenumber.
changing of job duties, sleep at night :)
but ohhhhh tricky master, well no mateer how he apologiezed,
but i still have job only bit different one

OH and watching farce called presidental elections in Estonia. I think Rüütel should go, and if he had any decency then he will not run in electoral college, but i thhink he doesnt and he will run. i dis party politics, one can argue that also right wing who came up with two possible candidates who will be ousted in parliament, because one requires 68 yes votes out 101 parlamentarians, but for some reason all rest who belong into Center and peoples union abstain to vote. and rthe reason is that they rather like to see rüütlel win in EC. And where suprise suprise rüütel wil run, cause wont be elected in parliament. same guy dared to say that one canidate elections arent elections. well bit of ironic of ex commie leader who doesnt dare to run in parliament grrrrrr. politicians ar strange creed well at least most of them

A survival guide for the non-Iranian traveler

Nabil sent me this. Do read :)

Here is an amusing look at Iranian hospitality Enjoy!

A survival guide for the non-Iranian traveler
By Hamid Taghavi

Beware! Forget about all the xenophobic, anti-Iranian propaganda dominating the media.What they say about terrorism and your life being in danger in Iran is absolute hogwash (I have no idea what that word means, but I like the sound of it: hogwash...). If anything, all that Iranians can be accused of is excessive hospitality. So, when traveling to Iran, beware of innocent looking situations which could turn into the experience of your life. Kind of like walking into The Twilight Zone.
1- As you walk the streets, do not talk to or make eye contact with anyone. If you do, they'll say hello to you and invite you to their homes.
2- Do not ask anyone for directions, unless you want them to be your tour guide for the length of your stay in Iran. They could be on their way home to eat. They could be due for some important business meeting. They could be a doctor on their way to save a patient's life. Doesn't matter where they're going. It will all have to wait so that they can take you to where you want and give you a complete guided tour even though all you asked for was simple directions.
3- If someone says hello to you, immediately treat them to lunch. That's largely a pre-emptive strike. Because if you don't, then they will. If they invite you to lunch, perhaps you will be lucky and they'll take you out to eat. Or you may not be so lucky and they may take you home for the food, in which case, forget about the rest of the day. It doesn't matter if you had plans to see the city or if you have flight out in a couple of hours. You'll just have to be pampered for the rest of the day at the whim of your hosts hospitality.
4- If someone takes you to lunch, and the time comes for paying the bill, be ready. You'll have to grab the bill at whatever cost. Don't worry about grabbing, scratching, pinching or punching your host/opponent. In fact, you may see people at other tables in what appears to be fighting situations. Don't be alarmed. Those are simple struggles to pay the bill. It is really a fight to the death. But unlike the Western countries, in Iran whoever pays is considered the winner. After you win, feel proud and walk around with a triumphant grin. You may want to do some trash talk after you win also "What? He says he wants to pay... How dare he thinks he can beat me at this? You think I'm some kind of amateur? Hogwash!" (There is my favorite word again.)
5- If somehow you're invited to somebody's house for what innocently appears to be just some tea and pastry, don't believe it. You're in for more, a lot more.
6- When invited, it doesn't matter if you're expected at the house or not. You could walk into any house in Iran, as a complete stranger, with the lady of the house not expecting you, with their food pantry completely empty. It's all immaterial. Half an hour after your arrival you're presented with a Herculian volume of incredible food. Don't even ask how the lady could do so much in so little time. That's part of being an Iranian woman. Perhaps it's a magic trick that enables them to wave a wand and have food appear on the table. Or perhaps they can warp time and get 2 days work done in a blink of an eye. Whatever it is, nobody knows how they do it. Even I don't, and I'm allegedly a so-called Iranian man.
7- If you end up going to someone's house, don't take off your shoes. You may never leave that house with your shoes again. If you refuse to stay peacefully, they'll hide your shoes. You'll either put up, or will have to slip our of the house... bare-footed.
8- If you do end up going to someone's house, remember that long greetings are the order of the day. You don't just say "Hi. How are you? I'm fine," and be done with it. No sir. You have to spend half an hour passing niceties: "Hi! How are you? How's your mother? How's your mother's mother? How's your parakeet? How's your left pant leg? How's your turnip? How's your spare tire? Is it still flat? Is everything fine at work? How are the interest rates? I'm fine thank you for asking thank you ever so much I'm fine only because of your constant prayers for me if it wasn't for your mere presence God may not have created me I'm so thankful that you invited me... So, how are you? How's your mother? How's your turnip?" And make sure you repeat everything three times because the hosts may not have heard it the first time since they were asking the same questions simultaneously.
9- If you're served food, be careful. As your plate empties, your host will keep serving food onto your dish, sometimes without asking you, sometimes despite your objections. Your best bet is to eat slowly, slower than your host. Try to bore your host with your eating pace. Have some defensive moves ready. Like, the minute they try to fill your plate, grab your plate and move it away behind you and swear on your grandmother's grave you're so full, you're about to explode. If you have to, grab the plate, get up and run around the room yelling "no thank you no thank you" keeping the plate away from the hosts at all times. Another tactic maybe to stage a counterattack. As soon as your host's plate begins to empty, you start serving HIM more food. This way they'll know they're dealing with a professional and may back off. Remember, if you're not really careful, you WILL explode.
10- After you eat, keep telling them how it was the best food that you ever ate. In return, the hosts will keep apologizing how awful the food was, and that there wasn't enough variety and they promise you that next time they'll have a 240 course meal instead of only 85. Do not be intimidated though. Keep bombarding them with complements: "What? What are you talking about? Are you out of your minds? That was simply the best food anyone on the planet could make. That was a kingly feast. That was an unabashed triumphant success beyond anyone's wildest imagination. That food was delectably heavenly." You can try even wilder lines and eventually settle for those lines that work best for you.
Finally- If you don't want to leave, don't feel compelled to. You may end up staying there for the night, or the next day or two, or the next five years. Who knows. I know a person who went to visit some distant acquaintance in some remote village in Iran, and he's still staying there, enjoying his visit. It has been over twenty five years now. But don't worry. It's not like they don't like having you. You will never be asked to leave. You'll never hear any complaints from your hosts. Just sit there, enjoy being pampered and don't worry about a thing for the rest of your natural life. And any time they apologize for not pampering you enough, just remember that word I told you: "Hogwash!"

august 22, 2006

Nicely sarcastic Ted Rall opinion article on US Govt vs Hezb

My cup of tea:
WHY America needs Hezbollah? Why inedeed, heh but at least this article raises good points:
"Surrender, already. For America's sake, let the terrorists win!

Hours after a ceasefire halted a five-week war between

Hours after a ceasefire halted a five-week war between Israel and Iranian-backed Islamic militias in Lebanon, reported the New York Times, "hundreds of Hezbollah members spread over dozens of villages across southern Lebanon began cleaning, organizing and surveying damage. Men on bulldozers were busy cutting lanes through giant piles of rubble. Roads blocked with the remnants of buildings are now, just a day after a ceasefire began, fully passable." Who cares if Hezbollah is a State Department-designated terrorist organization? Unlike our worthless government, it gets things done!"

More on:

New week, prepare for fall

Feeling bit dizzy, its bit chilli on streets and rainy. summer is gone fior good?
dizzines comes from i dont know where, cauze i slept loooong. maybe thats why.

Nabil called me, said he will have acar thsi week and that he visted Riga for a confereence on Huquq'u'llah, saw Sasha From Daugavpils, who invited him over. Nab is thinking to go down ther in near future and take me along, only paln is still raw :) undesided well see. maybe in september

well whats else is new:
Iran repplies to nuclear proposal

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Tehran, June 4, 2006. Khamenei said on Monday Iran would press ahead with its pursuit of nuclear energy, indicating it will not heed a U.N. demand it stop enriching uranium or face possible sanctions. REUTERS/Raheb Homavandi

Lebanon_ISrael news

Hezbollah official discusses blockade

AP - 18 minutes ago

BEIRUT, Lebanon - A Hezbollah Cabinet minister on Tuesday said the government may try to break the Israeli naval and air blockade of Lebanon by calling on ships and aircraft to travel to Lebanese ports without prior Israeli approval. In Jerusalem, Israel's Defense Ministry suspended a review of the military's performance during the war against Hezbollah until the government decides whether to order a broader inquiry, officials said.

More new on matter, available via yahoo news.

august 17, 2006

War is over???

there was ceasefire news. i wonder how its going to hold
also shell didnt got to bahai gardens but near by

Recent readings and developments

Bushism of the day: :)
It's clearly a budget. It's got a lot of numbers in it.
--George w. Bush


what else is new i finishedf reading the Collector by J.Fowles. To me it was story about when power and humanity collides. Intriguing book. Girl Miranda dies in captivity because one twisted dude whants to own her and not even sexually, but rather like butterfly in his collection. She dies because of disease pneumonia, and the fact that guy didnt want to lose her nor set her free because then hed be in trouble. Man is clearly sick, but its understandable that power and money( he won a money, then he had means to fulfill his sick idee fix) can do that to all human beings being capable ifffffff one realizes that one has to let other people live, which Fred Clegg doesnt want to see. he is obsessed of course

Oh I saw Pink Floyd Wall movie
heh that was thoughtsome. hmmm i saew how there was analogy of hitlers story first artist gainst system, then dictator of the system. the wall :)

all we are justt another brick in the wall

working like crazy three nighta row last week, heh and sleeping
dad has gone somewhere to trip???
saw nabil last week in pärnu, siprise visted me and Blakeys.
oh i visited summershool in july saw RHYs and lots other friends,
o god i think i am on crossroads. if there is god?
what we want to see certain things way we want, isuspect this could be same way with god and afterlife and religion too. ooops heretical thoughts shhhhhh
well now you know. there is argument of inteeligent maker and NDE and dreams, there is only one but. WE INTERPRET THINGS. any way i w been asking questions and thats good

juuli 25, 2006

Recent developments

There are some tensions in workpalce not specifically with me, yesterday we had meeting trying to solve it, but its seems they are bound to stay. I TRY TO BE NOT TOO MUCH A TROUBLE, SO ITRY TO DO MY WORK AND not get into any kind of stupid arguments. its better that way, ia m there to work. there are couple of persons who i had some issues, but not at present, one guy seems shallow yet he has opinion about anything.he is very talkative. good thing that he has good workethics. work is work.
this our common point. they( companies who recieve bakerys stuff) say that they are good.
now lets see whether we can finsih t reasonable hour everytime.

Oh, and boy I do "love" whats happening in Mid East. The war is not over, and it seems it never will
grrrrrr, plus it was not suprice to see Hezb to attak north Israel towns like Haifa, i was wondering
when they are going to do that, and they source says that shell fell down in Bahai Gardens.

this conflict seems to be of course part of larger plot in region, but its not good for innocrnts to die. he goes again..nice

See, we love -- we love freedom. That's what they didn't understand. They hate things - we love things.
--George w. Bush

Oklahoma City, OK

juuli 10, 2006

Rhys is Baccccccckkkk!!!!

CALLed Nab some days ago about going to tallinn around 16th, he said in his last call that Rhys is coming today

develop ments and world cup

So loooong a break.
i have not had much of the time to be on net, but its okay, its summer out there and life is out of the net :) i work( we had crazy night once, all things went wrong so whole dough and pie maKING process was delayed 3 hours, so i got home after 7.30 am and sleep ans sometimes socialize. heh getting used to night creature thing. sazw my lil sis Linda and younger bro Fady last week. havent seen him for some time.

World Cup
well it was good and it wasnt. I was hoping that after Englands fall( THEY SUCKED IN PENALTIES), either Germany or France will win, but it didnt go this way. Darn.though final started nicely, didint seen it all, dosed off a bit. so i didnt see this controversial Zidane red card incident. cant really take astand, though french say that italian PLAYER(S) PROVIKED HIM.

so he said :D

I firmly believe the death tax is good for people from all walks of life all throughout our society.
--George w. Bush

Waco, TX

juuni 21, 2006

Thai Monks are soccermad too :)

From Reuters

"BANGKOK (Reuters) - Buddhist monks in Thailand are too tired to receive early morning alms because they are staying up late to watch the World Cup, a Thai newspaper reported on Wednesday."

George sayz

The most important job is not to be governor, or first lady in my case.
--George w. Bush

Pella, IA
as quoted by the San Antonio Express-News

juuni 15, 2006

last developments

hello blog
i´have been away from net, work and football( GO ENGLAND!!!) World cup and time i spend with my dear Kadri take my time. well actually more work, rest, home and Kadri. But i do watch when i can as i said goooooo England!

Kadri won CD in Cido Juice Lotto. Brazilian rhytms.samba- ay carramaba lol
so we went to claim the prize to Tallinn. It was like hello, it was after 6months of break of not seeing other towns, Tallinn city had new buildings. And we got to stay in Andreses flat on 17THHHH! yeah floor.whata wiew, though in different rooms.for a lovely view,thanks andres! saw Nabil and Parents as well :)

I am offficialy now a nightcreature! getting used to work :)

one of my coworkers tried to hookup with AMWAY, but i have to think cauze its sounds too good to be true
and "religious" in a way. I went to meeting, just out of curiousityy, i like to know about things, but iam not now in mood to join another scheme, time to look and watch
Amway lecturer on tape compared Jesus to marketer of cristianity. well to be honest some of the xtians and especially post-xtian movement followers do seem to market their faith or rather organization

GWB "peaRLS"


There is no such thing necessarily in a dictatorial regime of iron-clad absolutely solid evidence. The evidence I had was the best possible evidence that he had a weapon. --George w. Bush Meet the Press 02/08/2004

It's in our country's interests to find those who would do harm to us and get them out of harm's way. --George w. Bush Washington, DC 04/28/2005

My plan reduces the national debt, and fast. So fast, in fact, that economists worry that we're going to run out of debt to retire. --George w. Bush 02/24/2001 radio address

juuni 06, 2006

Chimp-o-matic or bushisms

I am here to make an announcement that this Thursday, ticket counters and airplanes will fly out of Ronald Reagan Airport.
--George w. Bush

Washington, DC

From this guy

mai 31, 2006

Back on blog, work and eurovision 2006

well 7 days of silence
what has happened MEANWHILE?
I Ttry to work as best as i can, trying to get some good sleep after. at least i sleep now late for a reason, and doesnt have to sleep in hehehehe. 2 nights on two nights off, and sleepy mornings and staying in bed after that till noon, no wonder, cauze i finish around 3 am- 5am in morning while "decent normal" 8-17
workers ias at sleep or javing theyr coffee cups. Heh. But I like that way. Why I have to be normal in somebody elses sense? I dont!

FINLAND ROCKED EUROVISION this year! congrats, they were out ouf luck for 40 yeaRS! this song was not usual eurotrashsong, something different with imagination. Those monster costumes :) see
Estonia had SANDRA SINGING swedish clone song similar of Sahlene's, only difference is that televoting gives seemingly power to nations with large audience to pass from semi to final, and we sucked there. only cure is to come up with new original song that will be liked over half of europe.
Lithuania was sarcastcly cool " We are the Winners", Cauze eurivission is a show really.
and they at least won in Lithuania :) and hearts of many Europeans. although they were booed first.
Interesting, what place could have icelandic bitchwannabe Sylvia Night gotten. She was show also.

weather is unsummerlike now cool and windy. and it rained today. last week it wanted almost blow off the bridge :) seriously. My mom had birthday, gave her funny card she liked it

Unrealized Moscow

Check out this site of my birthtown, Moscow and see soviets plans of grandeur that didnt happen

Funny Terror Alert sites

See also

Current status
Terror Alert Level


Terror Alert Level

they're hillarious :D

mai 23, 2006


Things are getting heated around Bronzesoldier. Tensions in the air.
I have started working for bakery
Eesti post allows people to design own stamps as a service on internet. Your own face in history :)
Saw doc on how Students change movement was crushed in Azerbaijan, down with bloody tyarnts
who beat and kill their own people, inc women and children while they have right to protest and wish changes.

Thought of the Day

The fact that man knows right from wrong proves his intellectual superiority to other creatures; but the fact that he can do wrong proves his moral inferiority to any creature that cannot. Mark Twain

mai 18, 2006

New Job offer!

I move on to baking instead of cooking. I got offer from Bakery i left my contacts, i will start tomorrow. well see how it goes


Conspiracy or truth? This is flash video that has been circulating in Internet. In Recent days US Govt released the tape to public, well at least the suuposed plane hitting Pentagon i have seen in this flash before. So one can hardly say thats news, plus, there is no visible plane just an what was it? This flashvideo says it was a missile, see and make up your mind:

mai 16, 2006

Yahoo Answers

I tried today out yahoo answers feature and asked one of my questions, ya know heaven or hell question. from this post
Replies are available in Yahoo answers look for question Does humanity deserve heaven or hell or both? :)
This is not easy queastion as this doesnt have concrete answer. closest answer maybe is that both or liitle bit of both.

mai 15, 2006

Bollywood; Marilyn Monroes "Gent's prefer the blondes" and Conspiracy

Saw and voicerecorded Estonian_Indian made "only dollars" movie that was made as a result of the reality show Bollywood that was aired in Estonia's Kanal 2 tv channel. point of that show was that 10 artistic wannabees went to india to study and compete for two roles in Bollywood style movie. The movie was ca 45 minutes long and where one girl of semi-estonian background named samantha
is in love with Henri, soldier and future afghanistani warrefugee LOL hehe, but because of father disaproval the cant marry. meanwhile some year later daugter is kidnapped to be donor kidnay by some local baddy rich guy. with the help of two otheer ppl, he turnes to the help of Yogi become Henry. Oh, and movie includes dance and witch as well. werrrry hillarious. Oscar here we come LOL ;)
Heh, this was probably not top quality film, but it was hillarious. i take it as a joke.

See link is bollywood

And guess I SAW ALSO "gentelmen prefer blondes" on TV 3 i must say MaRYLIN WAS much better singing Diamonds are girls best friends in tHAT MOVIE than Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge. Nicole is good though at least in the movie as singer, i dont have clue if she can really sing that well or is it tech illusion? ;)
so here it was two films about what money can do, when it messes their(peoples) heads
MaRILYN rocked of course!

Las night i also saw movie "Conspiracy" which was about infamous Wannsee meeting of Nazi officials who decided over Jewish question. They also showed last week or before that movie on Nuremburg trials. Nazi question! This also haunts us like plague.What Nazis did was inhuman, and not only with Jews. Nazis themselves said they(gemany) suffered between two wars cause of Jewish and Communist international conspiracy. I think the whole situatioan was like double-bladed sword. Nazis were people too, but the ideology converted them off road. and germanys plight only helped the process. Problem with official histories and movies is sometimes they show things in flavoured right, as there is also some opposing wies on some of the issues what and how nazis did. sometimes truth is somewhat muddled

Think we can escape our history, nope cause its even present at Estonian-Russian divide and events of 9th of May at the Bronzesoldier


Checked one of my orckut connectiontions, Shivaji's blog and left a note for a vist

mai 10, 2006

Peace on earth and end to war?/MY Reply to MR H and Mss.B

Yesterday was 9th of may. A day when WW2 ended for Europe. well, for nazis and communists an western world the war in europe was over. Hitler Kaput. Third Reich capitulated,Europes cities, villlages, capitals burnt. destroyed.damaged. and lots of people dead. But to the day war is not over. emotions are still with people, painful memories, for germans, russians, estonians and anybody who was torn into this war. For russians it is a major victory day, atleast for veterans and relatives. Then it also a sad day, for estonians, a nation torn into war in two sides. ideologies dont make good impact. Both sides caused destruction, yet people dont understand how painful day it can be at least from their point of view. Red Arrmy veterans say and believe that they bringed freedom from nazism which is true, but truth is also
that they didnt won alone, and they also brought another terror regime to many homes. Yesterday
there was "nice" incident in Tallinn, where former Soviet Army veterans gathered near monument of
Bronze Soldier, a monument to fallen soviet soldiers in erected in soviet time, now which has been named to signify deaths of soldiers and deaths of both WW2 sides, but the monument is still quite red in meaning for estonians. This is an annual event or at least last 15-20, a day of remberance when soviet army veterans, mostly russians and russian speaking old men and women(plus more increasingly offspring generations) gather to statute, bring flowers(lots of them) and chat and drink on "good old days". This year two estonians, who held officialy regiterered picket(rally, meeting)
came with estonian flag and sign saying that same soldier also brought occupation and misery to estonian homes. what happened was that some veterans who had too mucj of drink were annoyed by that, its almost sacrilegious to them to say to them that they were the bad guys. somekind of fight ensued, and police had to ecsort those two men to safety, arresting also drunken veterans. But the russian and soviet flag stayed, heh how ironic. this monument is nothing but the source of controversy.

Yesterday i saw two movies on War, Soviets in afganistan( "9th Company") and one a doc on about Battle of Sinimäed(Bluehills) during WW2 in Estonia
more later. war is dirty thing
Well this what i replied to H. I had more questions arised, i still wait answer, ido understand sorta the point what
reples where, but i just always have more questions

Wed, 10 May 2006 08:08:06 -0700 (PDT)
Re: Important - For your information.
To: undisclosed

"Thanks for your input H, and also B,
for taking time and answering it, even if its personal
viewpoint only. I also got one thought that somebody
noted to me, that these kind of automated letteres
from websites can be annoying in abundance and that
those recieveing them will not bother to read them,
atleast not all of them. Maybe just first one IMHO(i
gave that
a credit)
After reading H's letter and also B's
I now start to fathom the point. Couple of more
questions, was that letter a ruling on the matter
then? As i understand OPI voices/passes on info to the
public(correct?), before that then issue needs to be
ruled by UHJ(relevant body) or as i understand from
H's letter that this was a recommendation? Just
asking for clarity of point, to understand
organizational behaviour and dynamics in this matter.
I used my freedom before, in bona fide(good faith)
that this kind of signing(though automatically and way
before getting that letter, beginning of April is OK,
well at least to me. Heh, did i think about annoyance
factor, heck no. Poor humanrightwatch orgs and their
mailboxes hehee( i can say i was not only one, a good
excuse LOL :P), if i come to think this is kinda spam
:) not mentioning points raised by H. But it felt
natural, one has right to take stand on issues that
bother you and world, though i do understand that once
in organization you have to behave in context. At that
moment it was what us not forbidden, is allowed, that
was rule to me. Though i know sometimes my freedoms
should end where somebody elses begin. Oh well, i have
one more excuse, NO Body Is Perfect ;) :P hehehehehe
one can "always" use that, err maybe not in murder and
other deadly crimes? (HU)Man is such a complex being
isnt it? "

"Howdy Khaled and u guys, I've been giving this matter some thought and arrived at a conclusion. My guess is that since this public information in general and external affairs in particular may be quite a sensitive business, the OPC does not want any of the Friends (who might be identified as belonging to the Baha'i Community) to fool around by participating in lobbying schemes initiated by someone else, no matter how sincere the motive and praiseworthy the goal seems to be. We have people at the BWC and the BIC doing such work - let's not complicate their task. However, their opinions concerning the activities of individual Baha'is are just recommendations from their point of view - each Baha'i has complete liberty to do whatever he/she pleases until a relevant institution decides to make a ruling on the matter. E"

Week on towards summer/Additional replies to my questions Mr.H and MrB.

Heh, so loong time from last post. Weather is nice. I got MaN U tshirrt, an UMBRO one, heh real nice one. got to check my mail.

In my mail which at thime i checked once a week. i recieved two replies on my questions from my fellow bahais
First Mr.H gave his personal opinion. Then I got my mail from Mss. B

MY mail:

Tue, 2 May 2006 05:42:37 -0700 (PDT)

Subject:Re: Important - For your information.
To: Missis B

"Dear B,
If possible, id like to know what did John Lindsay say
about my questions, please? Sorry that i was unable to
meet both of you both in Pärnu and in Tallin, but if
its not trouble enough then if possible id appreciate
a email answer. my last letter was written in the
Khaled "


Subject:Re: Important - For your information.
Date:Thu, 4 May 2006 12:48:52 +0300

Howdy Khaled and u guys,
I've been giving this matter some thought and arrived at a conclusion. My guess is that since this public information in general and external affairs in particular may be quite a sensitive business, the OPC does not want any of the Friends (who might be identified as belonging to the Baha'i Community) to fool around by participating in lobbying schemes initiated by someone else, no matter how sincere the motive and praiseworthy the goal seems to be. We have people at the BWC and the BIC doing such work - let's not complicate their task. However, their opinions concerning the activities of individual Baha'is are just recommendations from their point of view - each Baha'i has complete liberty to do whatever he/she pleases until a relevant institution decides to make a ruling on the matter.
----- Original Message -----
From: Me
To: undisclosed
Sent: Tuesday, April 25, 2006 3:38 PM
Subject: Re: Important - For your information.
Well, maybe i am asking wrong crowd, am i not? Silence in mailbox :) Hope this is not intensional. or silence is an answer, that i should ask someone else, cauze maybe you dont know? please let me know,please.

Reply from Missis B
Missis B

Subject: Re: Important - For your information.
Date:Fri, 5 May 2006 20:38:15 +0300

Dear Khaled,
I am also sorry that you did not have the opportunity to meet John, but
hopefully it will be possible next year. I am happy that Harri has
your questions and I think it is a very good reply. I am not sure what
would have said, but we talked about the subject and he said in general
the Universal House of Justice is very well aware of the situation and
as we
know has instructed the National Assemblies what to do and is working
through the Office of Public Information in a quiet, diplomatic way,
has proven to be effective. I hope that you are satisfied with these
I am glad that you are working and I hope that you are also happy about
Hope to see you sometime,

mai 02, 2006

Rhys's post card

i got postcard from rhys last friday. he was in Boston :)

Of the past few days

Last friday, a neighbour made me laugh, he was dressed as old woman, first he came as i was reading a letter on gates of my house and hit the gates with wooden stick saying " Young man.."
it startled me a bit, i thought what the heck....
then the lad, he is a year or two youngerthan me, when i looked at him, i understood it was him dressed as an old hag hehehe, i stateed to laugh. he played an joke on me and on somebodys birthday as well.
remindered me a day when we( my bro, me and another boy next door palyed b-day joke on their family, dressed up as wife, husband and son, a german family. My bro was son and other chap was Herr
and ślim me had to be Frau hehehehe, with make up and everything, even the peaches that "grew" in one day ;) LOL. This was my reply "grew", when guests next door asked how i got them :D

And on sunday there was a walpurgs night, a day when witches gather. or so the folks say
Some folks made longest broomstick in front of Port Artur, my neighbours had costumparty as wices
and on the night time there was a fireworks., that didnt lert us sleep, it was city fireworks.

aprill 27, 2006

Got call from Nab last sunday, Carlyle in Hitler movie, Chernobyl 20 years

He was in england, while i unknown to me, i mailed him, because TV 3 showed film "Hitler" starring Robert Carlyle. I like his acting :) and nab Has been showingsome movies in past like Full Monty and Carla's Song. Actor is good if he can play roles from dictator to jobless man seeking his destiny.
Carlyle and his scottish accent is just great. He was bit funny to see as Hitler but film itself was good one.

Any way Nab told, some thieves stole his wallet in Reval Cafe( ex Aroma) while he was having a chat with friends. again these thieves. he better be careful next time, but its not nice to get treated like that

OH, yesterday passed 20 years of Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster that still haunts us( this region of Europe today) , i was 9 years old when that happened. They say 99% of belarus is conatminated.
yikes. Belarus is not that far away. Part of ukraine was also contaminated, radiation reached even other parts of Europe, and its aftermath mutilates and kills children still todayGuess, the soviet goverment hide the truth for nine 9 days also. i saw yucky documentary abt that yesterday.

summer is here

its warm 17 C yipppppie :) people are out walking
HAVE been helping dad for second night already helping him and other workman while they are setting up pipes, at least some kind of a job
oh and iwear my SW T-Shirt
lucky me
sun is shining
and looks like i am going to get some kind of reply, though when i shall see, could not go to meetings
oh And i got elected to assembly but this now wonder with 11-12 adults in this community'
things are quiet here.
s we shall see
there is hope :)
at least
byeeeee :)

aprill 26, 2006

star wars and french 98 world cup tshirt, helping dad, reply from Missis B

Yep :) Episode II t-shirt ang englands france 98 official mercahandize t-hirt is minee
:) i got it from sec hand shop and pretty cheap

Was helping dad in his work as well yesterday.more later


First reply after i sent another mail, from Missis B
"Dear Khaled,
I have printed your questions etc. and I will ask JL (from Canada), who is at the time visiting Estonia to give you his version of a reply, since we are on our way to Pärnu and hope to meet you there this evening and-or to-morrow, if this is OK with you.
B "
----- Original Message -----
From: Me
To: undisclosed
Sent: Tuesday, April 25, 2006 3:38 PM
Subject: Re: Important - For your information.
Well, maybe i am asking wrong crowd, am i not? Silence in mailbox :) Hope this is not intensional. or silence is an answer, that i should ask someone else, cauze maybe you dont know? please let me know,please.

Wed, 26 Apr 2006 05:02:02 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Important - For your information.
To:"Missis B

thanks, unfortunantly cant be at the meetings, since will be helping assisting dad on his pipework, please write me a mail. work is at evening. Khaled

aprill 25, 2006

No reply on my mailbox

I got 18 similar replies on denial website related letter post. See the comments and reply there.
What i havent got is a word from any person i mailed to since 21s of April i mailed them.
I dont know what that means!? But ill wait, and see.

aprill 21, 2006

Baha'i Rants: Short Term Memory

Baha'i Rants: Short Term Memory

Heh, more on denial website related topic



This is site last post focused on :) Visit it though it no longer collects signatures

Not in Best intererest of the Faith?? A letter from Bahai World Center Office of Public Information

I got this in may email box yesterday, which puzzled me.
Bahai faith is gernerally good beliefsystem, however its has its anomalies, like soemtimes one has to crack your head to get the idea what official letters have to say. Read on. Though, on bright side it develops my thinking :)
I removed the names of persons and private adresses except mine name
Dear Friends,

I'm sending this for your information, I feel it quite important regarding the "best interests of the Faith". Read the text below.
Best regards,
********** <*******@******> wrote:
Alláh'u'Abhá dear dear brothers,

I've sent an email to the OPI of the BWC to ask the on-line
and I think that it could be useful to share the reply to you,

From: "Office of Public Information \(Web\)"

To: "'''''" <''''@'''''>

Dear Bahá'í friend,

Your email message of 10 April 2006, to the Office of Public Information,
has been received. In response to your query regarding the Web site
, while the intention of those who developed the site is no
doubt sincere and the site has demonstrated its impact, the fact that
numerous identical letters of protest are being sent to the same recipients
is not in the best interests of the Faith. Therefore, it would not be wise
to encourage the friends to sign or send such letters.

With loving Bahá'í greetings,

Office of Public Information
Bahá'í International Community
My thoughts are in form of letter i sent today, to some local bahais

Dear Humans;
Thanx 4 the message ####!

I read it, and to be honest iam perplexed, confused, not getting the point!
I dont understand quite WHY
"the fact that numerous identical letters of protest are being sent to the same recipients is not in the best interests of the Faith." ??

Is it because A) that letters were numerous?
B) that they were identical?
C) that they were letters of protest
d) or the fact that alltohether abc they were sent same reciepents( which were many)

E)or that bahais should not partake in such signature collecting for reason of what? Is it politics?

F)or that that issue should be raised only through
proper channels ie Assemblies, PR offices rather than individuals setting up website with civil action effort? As the problem has been raised by PR efforts of Faith already?

Or that they that letters that have been sent have done its impact? Meaning issue has been raised, yes? Or it has caused problems or it has done good?

and the letter asked not to anymore send letters to friends and aquintances asking them to see and sign letters on website, because as i saw, case is closed?

if last is the case why letter uses phrases like " is not in best interests of the Faith" and "it is not wise to encourage?" Or should i start to read between the lines?
and assume that first could mean issue was not done in proper way, and second if you signed it, leave it single incident and do not fwd to wider audience?

Please could someone decode this letter for me
I d really appriciate
Thanks in advance
Khaled, The Alien King of Khaledistan ;)

aprill 19, 2006

Music in the air changes always

When i walked to libary, i heard music playing. Music in libary? Bit unusual, libary at least newspaper reading room is quiet place, if not to count sounds of people, of computers and noise of machine that appers to be either heater or condtioner. It was classical music, imagine Rock band in libary ;), though id put Queen to sing here, cause its classic and it rocks. And it was Mozarts music performed by some school children. It was a nice change, calming music. And then i was catching myself at thought that Mozarts music is Mozarts music because its performed at certain style, we have learned to be his music. true you can change something, but then would be something differnt, at least a bit. One wrong note or out tune instrument, and we say it aint the real thing. Same is with other things, songs thou you can change tune and keep the words. Then its same song in different variation. I like different interpretations of my favourite band Queen songs. There are at least 3-4 interpretaions of We Will Rock YOU, some of them are so funny, especially orchestra wersion by Max Raabe and one by some kid voices. Five+Brian May did excelent job too. But the point is that real thing means something we know :) Unaltered, same tune, same voice, same words. Because we are often not used to changes. Specially in ideas and people. But give us the time and knowledge that change is ok, then Bob is your uncle. Cause no person is what you think that person is always. That is unaltered. You cant step twice into same water says proverb. River is there but the water flows and changes. Always!

aprill 18, 2006

Hard to see dark side is*

It was great to see Starwars movies on TV3 on last both weekends. (I saw Phantom Menace, Attack Of Clones again, well part of them, and bit of A New Hope because it was late. TV3 decided to show all 3 original parts(New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Return of Jedi) two weeks ago at night time, and
I found out it by chance, of course i would have wanted to see the triology. if that would have been a day . But I decided I better sleep , Starwars movies will be around, if i need to see them again and again and again. Hehe, I love Starwars :) movie.

Last night there was episode of Star Trek, "Eden" episode. Where coool and rational crew meets happy hippy sort of religious group who wanted to get to Eden, and they the hippies take over the Starship Enterprise, by distracting crew by goodness. But there was a leader who was bit mad and way the group used the goodness to distract while having ulteriour motive to take ship to Eden.
Heh, hard to see dark side is.*(Yoda) In something/body that appears to be good. At the end its not only people who are only humans, but Eden turns to be out helly paradise. it looks nise but grass and fruits are acidy and poisonous. Human nature is tricky thing. There are no bad or good people IMHO per se, rather we do good and bad things. And yes we manipulate and use goodness, masks, noble phrases just to get our endresults. Huh, though sometimes its nessesary to mask or protect oneself or somebody. Are we doomed? I hope not. Are we angels? Certainly not :)

In humans there are egoistic and selfish needs, which are okay to extent, one has to take care oneself and ones interests. One needs to protect them as well. Some times end justifies the means. Sometimes it doesnt. It shouldnt. Dirty politics is of good example, that its not okay to do whatever you want. Ok enough of moral talk :) heh does humanity deserves heaven or hell or both?
I dont KNOW :) Sometimes i really dont know.

aprill 17, 2006

aprill 12, 2006

Nothing to say :P

Hello blogggggg

I have absolultly nothing to say execpt that i just said that.

well not true :P

Of course i have something to say

Did you know that word boy and whale are fenno-ugric in origin. Apparently during culture and trade relations between scandinavian and fenno-ugric people way back ago when after ancestors of estonians and fenno-ugric had arrived here in shores of baltic, these words got transferred to scandinavians. Word boy that is poiss in estonian was initially poi. Whale comes from estonian kala meaning fish, word kala got transformed into hwala in scandianivian.
Where did i learned that? I read it from book of ex-president, ex-writer and ex-traveller Lennart Meri " Hõbevalge" (Silverwhite) that one linguist said its so
more next time

aprill 11, 2006

Bakery is off

As to bakery, i left good impression first night, then got called back to do extra two. I did what i could, though i was only in helping posistion, no mixing of doughs and baking pies. BUTTTTTT.
BaKERY SAID NOOOO :( i had will power and showed best of me, but again my mortal enemy....speed was minus factor. gotta find job that where speed is not too much an need. eh but who knows maybe they just picked somebody else ;)

NEVERTHELESS IT WAS Good experience :) Yay, nightjob is not that scary option anymore. I can do that, me the night creature :D. And i love sweeeeeeeet jobs. sugar and flour power rules :)

as some "guests" im saw there as well :) I saw one mouse and two insects hehehehe. though i was suprised. in summer wasps love sugary enviroments as well. i hope they dont get into pies ;)

aprill 05, 2006


heh, first night at bakery was fine. i love smell of pastries. i have applied to pizza places as well, so well see. it was funny to come 5 am in morning while everyone is about to wake. more later....

märts 30, 2006

Whats Yours Hobbit Name?

Heh if id be male hobbit then

Khaled, from this day forward you will also be known as

Drogrin Bolo , Thain of the Shire

World is funny /Desiderata

"You know the world is going crazy when the best
rapper is a white guy, the best golfer is a black guy, the Swiss
hold the America's Cup, France is accusing the US of
arrogance, and Germany doesn't want to go to war."

Go placidly amid the noise and haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence.
As far as possible without surrender
be on good terms with all persons.
Speak your truth quietly and clearly;
and listen to others,
even the dull and the ignorant;
they too have their story.

Avoid loud and aggressive persons,
they are vexations to the spirit.
If you compare yourself with others,
you may become vain and bitter;
for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.

Keep interested in your own career, however humble;
it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.
Exercise caution in your business affairs;
for the world is full of trickery.
But let this not blind you to what virtue there is;
many persons strive for high ideals;
and everywhere life is full of heroism.

Be yourself.
Especially, do not feign affection.
Neither be cynical about love;
for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment
it is as perennial as the grass.

Take kindly the counsel of the years,
gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.
But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.
Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.
Beyond a wholesome discipline,
be gentle with yourself.

You are a child of the universe,
no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you,
no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Therefore be at peace with God,
whatever you conceive Him to be,
and whatever your labors and aspirations,
in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul.

With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
it is still a beautiful world.
Be cheerful.
Strive to be happy.

Max Ehrmann, Desiderata, Copyright 1952

Got two interviews tomorrow :)/ thought of the day

Heh, i had serious conversation with my dad today. i really need to find job. i and daddy will be less at "war" then. i made some phonecalls today. I have tomorrow two appointments one for the bakery and second for cook in mediterrranian cafe. heh well see, i need to risk. tomorrow i need to be tidy and i hope i will go down well :). or word of mouth will spread my image. Pärnu is sucha village. my dad had told them about me looking for work.

Met Max yesterday. he is cool. Thank you! You know for what. :)
Thought of the day
Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission.
-Eleanor Roosevelt-

märts 29, 2006

Rest in Peace, Mr.Meri

Meri was buried cermoniously at Sunday 26th. So long mr.Sea :) Yah, he was great man. I lended one of his books. Hõbevalge or silverwhite in translation.anyway i missed my blogging now that i cant use internet at home. oh well ces't la vie :)

märts 24, 2006

Enough of cold talk- Pärnu this season, EU and freedom

Heh, its old news, that i talk about the weather. Butttt then its a safe topic :)
Yah, its still snow out there. When i came to libary, passed Post office, houses and theatre reaching libary i had thought seeing our blue-black-white flag moving in wind that actually this is an illusion though EU is here. heh EU can be felt only perhaps in sugar scandal stories- jam story and in fiscal realm. yet its here and parallel to national dream. are we free? i think knowing EU legislation that we are not, its at least at fiscal realm and slowly creepingly in politacal realm claiming to be superioor. we are dependant and freedom is limited and illusory. but then there are two kinds of freedoms :)
But then we are free in our minds, at least we think so. as long as we continue to think.
Free your Mind and the rest will follow...i remember the lines from some song i have heard once
ehhh still we are influenced by media and not reaLLY FREE

märts 22, 2006

Cold spring, summer memories-Külm kevad, suvemälestused

Morning was cold, its seems that spring comes slowly this year to this provincial corner of Estonia. heh. Does it bring bird flu and will it be deadly is another question? ;)
I wish summer was here. Last summer was eventful, crazy school ending june, angry july, well
if to remember my middleman duties. And then right in iTalian hot job, that ended way too soon here are my memries from last year.

Riddle me this, riddle me that - Jun. 25, 2005 at 04:43 AM
why some people act funny well at least to me
or someone is close yet so is wierder than fiction

Iam graduating tomorrow :) - Jun. 21, 2005 at 06:35 AM period is again soon history.
Hopefully i get job. Strand is out. They wnated more experienced cook :( but oh its their right...
gotta moove on..

I had enough...enter the Dragon and my fire - Jun. 18, 2005 at 05:41 AM
yesterday i had good day and fiery moment as well
i dont like to be middleman, when somebody promises something and then there is no apparent outcome.
one guy says that he has paid his bills, but everytime i wnat to get them he doesnt have them for some wierd reason, i suspect this guy has clowned with me, and he says he has paid.......i find it hard to beleive...are two pieces of paper that hard to deliver, guy just kept me waiting for nearly two i had to become dragon. and situation hasnt really finished. so well see

Done with Exams - Jun. 18, 2005 at 05:39 AM
I have passed my exams and school is over. Now iam oficcially a cook. Let see wheter i get job

Off the Strand? - Jun. 12, 2005 at 07:31 AM
Dear Diary ;)
one new thing i havent done, blogging heh, oh well now iam in tune with that fashion trend hehe, heh, why people blog their world somwhere in screen, is it we want to be seen and go down in some annals, a private monument that we once were here in world in superinformationhiighway. I have big hunch that it mite be the case hehe

The summer is here, and i have finished my internship In Strand Hotel, but questions of employment are yet unclear.
So Is it good bye to that place or not, that is the question
ands the weather doesn ask me to go real strand -the beach
yet where art though oh summer

märts 21, 2006

Kevad, kus oled saaa..? Wherrrre art thou ooo spring?

Lõputu lumi
kevad kus oled saaaaaaa....?
lumemees nats sulab ikka.
Head kevadet :) Foto Postimehe veergudelt

Endless snow
wherree art thou ooo spring?
a bit snowman melting is
Have a jolly good springtime :) Photo from local paper Postimees

märts 06, 2006

Winter out there in March

heh, still there is winter and no sign of end of it. But at least its white and clEAN.
AND I can go over river, ice holds nicely. People are ice fishing. sun is shining.

märts 02, 2006

Back on blog

Hello dear blog
back again i was sick from bacterias for a while and wasnt blogging. meanwhhile have seen and done many things Old news is that Kiku and Andrus got 2 more gold, one per each. Oh happy day.

I had nasty cold. I am reading boook on Mossad. Love spy stories, though they are nasty, what has been done for security of states like Israel. But they are not exception. most states engange in somekind of dirty business anyway. KGB; CIA, Mossad etc are alll the same. heaven help us. though its all bit spooky

Heh I watched "Super Size me" yesterday. Man i remembered my "good old" Messburger days at Hesburger.
Dont try this at home. I was eating whole year burgers allmost daily, depending on chedule while working at Hessburger. though not only burgers. Very educating movie about damages of fast food

veebruar 15, 2006

I feel sick

Not feeling good today. Yuck!!!!

veebruar 14, 2006

Super Kiku

forgot to mention that Kiku, Kristina Shmigun got gold medal on sunday the 12th in Torino OG crosscountry 15km :)
Whole Nation is HapppY :)

Veronica Decides to Die is Good :)


Paolo Coelho writes terrificaly. This book rocks :) Its about life :) LIFE :)
Man, i feel so alive :) Heh, looks like hedinism is my calling after alll :)
And I Loooooooove Kadri :) Happy Valentines day :) friends

veebruar 08, 2006

Joke of the day

Three sons left home, started careers and prospered. Getting back together, they discussed the gifts that they were able to give their elderly mother for her seventieth birthday. The first said, "I built a big house for Mom." The second said, "I sent her a Mercedes with a driver." The third smiled and said, "I've got you both beat. You know how Mom enjoys the Bible and you know she can't see very well. I sent her a brown parrot that can recite the entire Bible. It took 20 monks in a monastery 12 years to teach him. I had to pledge to contribute $100,000 a year for 10 years, but it was worth it. Mom just has to name the chapter and verse and the parrot will recite it." Soon thereafter, Mom sent out letters of thanks: She wrote to the first son, "Milton, the house you built is not practical. I live in only one room, but I have to heat, cool, and clean the whole house." She wrote to the second son, "Marvin, I am too old to travel. I stay home all the time, so I never use the Mercedes. And the driver is so rude!" She wrote the third son, "Dearest Melvin, you were the only son to have the good sense to know what your mother likes. The chicken was delicious."

veebruar 07, 2006

Stop this world...i want to get out!!!

The never ending cartoon "war" has gone too Wild! Why people have to go sooooo over the top??????
I say we be better off without fanatics and politicians. And stupid actions.
PS! 9.02. 2003 Sure, satire about Mohammad was a doublebladed sword, a risky thing. One must add the fact that some peoples taboos are not taboos for others. Heh. But "dear" danish imams did their faux pas as well. They added three pictures that werent even published in JP and told that these were sent to danish muslims ( 3) and they illustrate the point, the resentment towards Islam and the Prophet and the muslims.Now it comes out that the pigface photo for example is poor copy of one frenchman at some pigsquiling contest. LOL See
But all fair is in love and war and end result justifes the means?????
i doubt that has been told from pulpits of imams. if thats not inciting and misinformation then what is?????
heh i just looove ;) stupidity

veebruar 01, 2006

topics on my mind looks like noone but me here.
whats up??????.
Cat who walks alone.
Last months has been total crossroads.
and there are million things that needs to be solved in my life
and million things i want to know like reading about:

  • conspiracy stories, currently aquinting with David Icke, Children of Matrix,

  • reading literature, Veronica decide morrier, Coelho
  • politics, quite keen on Israel-PALESTINE drama players and issues.

  • new religious movements: read book on Osho, like i did read Count Monte Christo once, couldnt put it down

  • and i looove visiting libary, reading stuff on net pro and contra and continue to think and question.
    Always. Changes are on its way. :)

jaanuar 27, 2006

borna's project blog

borna's project blog Checked out what Borna Has done :)

developments in midde-east

heh, Hamas has won Palestinian parliament elections. and USA and Israel are now in front of trouble. a tough one.

PS! Football lottery

news is that Estonia and England will meet at the football pitch in Euro2008 qualifying :)
heh that means more brits in Tallinn than usual, and not only batchelor parties.
i wonder what will happen then :)

Requiem and deaths

Day of Mozart and Holocaust. Words that create different feelings for different people. Both include historical mystery. Requiem and death.Mozarts death and his last work Requiem. Strange heh. Jewish deaths and how its been raised above other WWII deaths. makes you wander. heh and who ever raises little critique towrds all things related jewish. like some people and historian who question holocaust, are labeled antisemites by some jews. Are Jews only Śemitic people of the world ;) so they can use this term so freely??? Arabs are semitic people too :) Heh, as much i disagree what nazis did and war, i dislike that some peoples deaths are raised to be more significant. What about all other who died at hand of nazis too ?