jaanuar 19, 2015

Are you in a CULT? JW.org

Sam Harris on the Danger of Religious Moderates

How a religious moderation can be problematic

The secrets of Scientology (Full Documentary)

Inside The World Of Scientology: Steve Mango

Inside Scientology Sea Org meeting

This is cleaned up audio version of video shot inside of a Scientology Sea Org meeting. In this video you can hear the speaker talking about how to get more money out of people. She basically is saying when people tell you they don't have more money, they do and how you can get it out of them. The cult has lied about this tactic for years and here you can not only see it is true but the Sea Org members are excited about it. This is the elite of Scientology who is headed by David Miscavige

Inside the Scientology Celebrity Centre: An Ex-Parishoner Reveals All

Loong but eyeopening account on how most cults aka religious borgs work...same shit diffrent borg...and as always the are scientifically stuck in 1950ies when it comes of auditing the a gay away...