juuni 13, 2007

Russia, Beware: Estonia Chooses A National Fish

this is odd article hehe
Russia, Beware: Estonia Chooses A National Fish
By Christopher Rhoads
Word Count: 1,187

TALLINN, Estonia -- Since this seafaring Baltic nation achieved independence in 1991 from its far larger Russian neighbor, Estonia has tried to forge a post-Soviet national identity. That effort became more urgent recently in the face of renewed threats from Moscow, including riots in the capital here led by Kremlin supporters.

A key part of the strategy: Baltic herring.

Following an emotional debate, online poll, charges of voter fraud and parliamentary debate, Estonia, which is about half the size of Maine, several months ago officially selected the small, oily animal as its national fish.

"Food has a political dimension," explains ...
more at http://online.wsj.com/article/SB118169987356633447.html?mod=googlenews_wsj

juuni 07, 2007

england won 3-0 over estonia

too sad cause we had good game building. But beckaham and the gang were better
and town is still intact hehe

crazy politics

Putin says: Azerbaijan is better place for missile site, use our and azeri radar station. they ok with that.
Bush: Russia is not the threat.
good god
this is funny

Im Lucky oh so lucky

I nearly had work accident yesterday. man, i lost focus for a second and metal brush disk cleaner, that i used, ate into my looong baggy t-shirt, wrapped part of it around disk of working gadget. not only that, it started to smoke so that engine died finally, but for a second i thought it either cuts into my tummy or my t-shirt will turn into blaizer, catch the fire. luckily there was one more person nearby to plug out the terror. I am lucky to be alive, unhurt. There is saying in estonian Õnnesärgis syndinud, born in lucky shirt. well i was yesterday there in lucky thirt. phew. i had to throw away the shirt cause i had rip it apart to escape from strangle of death. :) hope that doesnt mean end of luck hehe