juuli 20, 2007

Friday 20th pst

I'm a follower of American politics.
--George w. Bush

Crawford, TX

Here i am again my dear blog. today is friday the 20th, last week was 13th :D i am not supersticious. there was odd case last friday one estonian model died in Milano. Supposedly she was looking at the map while not noticing that her heels of shoes got stuck in streetcar/tram tracks, so she fell and hit her against streetcar. Article mentioned that she didnt like streetcars/trams. i looked at the photo and streetcar of Milan looks like electric train, unlike trams we use here, well at least in Tallinn

see : http://www.sloleht.ee/index.aspx?id=238494&rss=1
its in estonian, true there is no tram picture there

what else summer is here and life is still full of contradictions and other stuff