november 27, 2006

Bush is here

yep, he is coming today to Estonia then to Riga, and he brings lots of security measures. Closures of trafic on certain hours and streets in Tallinn, his security people( they said that they can shoot every suspicious acting people) even requireements what to put on greeting signes, though there will be no people seeing him on streets due to measures obviously
hah its bit stupid if you ask my opinion but he is man who has lots of no doubt why this whole thing is needed. some people wont just like it I included. Other leaders come and Its not so bad, but this makes you wonder.

november 10, 2006

Freddies back :)

hah, so long no post
keywords that has happened
Rumsfeld resinged
I work like crazy
Love my Kadri
Met Nab today and saw his new Skoda
Sister visited last week
igot my present-bookshops giftcard
translated a bit
did ya know that maybe London bombings ara as fake as WTC see one link
what else

more next time i am tired