september 28, 2009

Bicycle KALLE


Nab is best or ne imei sto rublei a imei sto druzei :)

even if i argue with him :)
ne imei sto rublei a imei sto druzei :)
thanks dear friends for the weekend

15 years from Estonia

and today is also Kadris Birthday
and Brigit Bardot was born this day

Estonian Honorary consul in Texas
watch from minute 11:00

september 13, 2009

Family matters at in Estonia

Rein Taageepera said in one show, Kahekõne(Dialogue) a thought
that Estonian women would probably give birth to more kids if
they would be sure that man will stay beside them for raising kids 20years
issue being a security
and that is a problem
although ive seen women who has give birth more than 3 kids while men change.

and it was claimed that in Aunaste show
about familyrelations that ca 60-70 percents of Kids asked in one study that there is violence
and people yell at each other in their families here in Estonia

september 12, 2009


Väga lahe :) oli

Väga Lahe teater :) Nägin eile GEP( Gorjatshie Estonskie Parni) lavastust ETV'st ja naersin sydamest. See on sama hea kui AXIS OF EVIL Comedy Tour( otsige YOUTUBest) Hea eneseiroonia ja sisekaemus eestluse, iibe, rahvusluse, kultuuri, mehe ja ...naiseks olemise, eksistensi ja inimsusesse jne

I recommend this
I saw GEP on ETV yesterday, iwas laughing from heart
though you need good command of estonian and russian and probably to live in Estonia or post soviet eastern slash noth eastern europe to get some points
Its as good as Axis of Evil comedy tour( see youtube) Good selfirony and inside look into matters on nationality, survival, culture, being man or woman, fertility rate, population, society, human, existence, etc

September in history

Some events in world History :D

Gloomy ones:

1st of september 1939 Third Reich invades Poland, followed by Soviet Union on 17th , WW2 Begins

7th of september 1893- Ironclad monitor of Czarist Russia Navy sinks in Baltic Sea, Gulf of Finland, all crew perished

9 years later( 1902) the Monument to it is erected, in Tallinn, Estonia

9 september 1976- Death of Mao Zedong

9 september 1087- Death of Willam The Conqeror

4, 9, 13, 16th september 1999- Russian apartment buildings explosions, pretext of 2nd Chechen war

11.september 2001-Hijacked planes?, WTC collapse, Pentagon wall collapse and Pennsylvania plane crash,

TV( CNN etc) playing almost all day looong movielike scenes from Twin Towers, and and interview with Taliban Afghanistan official( and i was thinking to myself then, this means war, big time, will they go after them?; why do they show Afghan offical? If I remember rightly, they were asking about Osama's wherabouts.?) And didnt they name culprit right after the event? That movie about people being trapped in WTC made later , showed a guy, who mentions that it must be Al Qaida, they are terrorists. :)

28th of September 1994- Motorferry Estonia sinks in Baltic Sea.


Music: 10th of september 1984- Hammer to fall , song of Queen of album The Works is Released :)

though song has reference to mushroom cloud and mortality of us all


10th of September : I was born :)

12th: Leelo, My bro's current GF :)

22nd : Angeelika :)

28th: Kadri :) Ex-GF

Other life events

1st of 09 1984- I go to first Grade here in Estonia, after not being admitted to go 2nd Grad. GRRRRR..not fitting the criteria etc. I became pupil or traineee of Soviet propaganda institution called School, Pärnus 5th 8 classes School :) Later 9th class was added and Later it was called Pärnu Rääma( towndistrict) Elementary School

september 10, 2009

Jesus Age :)

im 33 :D

Thanks for all congrats!
Tomorrow ill post this days in history :)

Daay before 9 11

money missing from certain western military commaand branch...

september 07, 2009


I will see her again :)
my child will be soon here :)

How to solve dilemmas

Beats me...
If i want to fully return to Bahai, then i have some issues.
GBLT support or symphaty for them as human beings issues?
Being Logical and yet choosing religion again?
Can I make balance?
Heart and mind?
Give Ceasar that is Ceasars' and God what is God's?
Is afterlife and God real?
Yet i pray at times :D, feels natural at times:)
Is there more suitable religion?
Can we pick and chooce?
Why nudity is worse than picture of corpse in TV screen?
doesnt it all depend on motives of people?
etc. etc?
questions, i neeed answers...
i d love to do something with bahais , to hang around them etc
they are decent bunch, but can i go full way?
i need to solve the riddles

What do you think?

I saw Aunaste's new show, What do you think? thats a title
Mida teie arvate? Its a talkshow with some acting sketches describing
situation. that time it was what do you do as parent or grandparent
living in Estonia( or elswhere), when your child brings to family person from different
colour or bacground. Would that be a problem or how one reacts to that as average estonian?
I see it could be a problem to some, also estonians are small as a nation. we want to protect ourselves from being vanished. And some people are also bit too much afraid of foreigners or racist. There are reasons for that.historical etc. but i think people shouls be openminded and we should grown our own population too :) People are people, no matter what colour they are.
There was opininion voiced that, people wont become tolerant until we work on bringing about ...dont remember exactly but something about humaness and character...something along these lines
Would Estonia be ready for bigger scale of immigration and diffrences of futher Multikulti society? Some would, some wont, of course we dont live like in sweden yet...
but there are different nations here as well.

That Guy is a Fag :P

Last week i had nice, interesting incident. I was sitting on a bench next to medow next Vallikraav and Käär( in english thats the place where it usede to be old town city wall, with fortifications and bastions and moat around it, nowadays there is place in that curve that open field concerts are held)
listening to music. It was Go LiVE annual concert sponsored by one mobile company. I was sitting there and listening to Ines, i need to rest after some walk. And then those some guys passed me, just some guys, young, didnt know them.

And Then one of them ponted at me talking to other saying

See poiss on Pede :P
That boy is Fag :P
Like hello...shrugs... i carried on sitting, why should i get mad :D
If i am so what? But I feel that im attracted to girls :)
More...for sure :)
But dont it makes you to wonder how easy we tag people. label without really knowing them?

september 04, 2009

Relaxing Hub: What Love Means To Age 4 To 8 Year Old Children

This is  Priceless :))

Found it thanks to Tiina...

Relaxing Hub: What Love Means To Age 4 To 8 Year Old Children

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Kõik on uus  septembrikuus...?

Head alanud Kooliaastat !


Ei ole mõtet kiruda ega vanduda, ma arvan ma tulen sest olukorrast välja.  Üritan, küsin endale lisapäevi kui võimalik ja ma võtan nats avanssi , aga nii et järgmine kuu midagi kaaa alles on :) Muidu back to square one :)

Olukord in kyll pisut keeruline, aga mitte lootusetu. Parem töökoht lahendaks olukorra,  aga eks ma vaatan mida praeguses olukorras teha saab. Laenata ei tahaks.  Katus peakohal ja toit laual on olemas, nii et pole hullu. Nüüd vaataks kas saab olukorda parandada, realistlikust vaatepunktist lähtudest...

Wyatt tegi ette paneku et kui ta oma restorani voi ms teeb et ma voiks olla mänedzer, Tegelikult ma mingil määral olen ju seda juu teinud, ma pean endasee rohkem uskuma ja tegema asju.  Muidugi Wyatti restoran ei pruugi niipea reaalsuseks saada  ga ma tegelikult olen  ju asju hallanud, inimestega suhelnud,  ma mõtlen om sekretäri kogemust, seda ei saa küll paberile panna, religioosne värk on Eestis veits tundlik. Ma saa öelda aga et ma sellega yldse hakkama ei saaks kui ma ei prooviks. Ma pean kyll oma CV d putitama ja voib olla yhtkoma teist juurde õppima ja paberied hankima jne, Ja ma pean kuskil võimaluse saama kaa... eks näis mis saama hakkab....

Angeelika saab oma raha ka :) Ma nägin Angeelikat ja Katat unes, Me vannitasime last...liinibussis :D Täna ta helistas, hea meel oli kuulda tast.  Skypeta on elu nats harjumatu... Ja ma näen septembri lõpus Neid uuesti Eestis.  Ja ma inspekteerisin mingeid monumente ka surnu aias, nagu Riia maantee omades... Nii et elu ja surm


september 03, 2009

Artlust arutlust

Las Tulevik tooob...arutust? :D:D:D
Arutust ehk Aruvabadust ?
Ma olen naljakas ka :))
tegelikult, Wyatt ütles et ma üleanalüüsin asju aga ma ei saa sinna mitte midagi parata. Seee oli siis kui me perest rääkisime, perest kui sellisest. Et miks Ameerikas ja tal hoiab pere kokku ja Eestis ollakse suhteliselt hajali. Ei saada läbi ja tehakse omi asju. Vaevalt et koik asjad korras on aga suheldakse. Mul on selline tunne et siin on paljud pered löhkised. Osad inimesed ei taha teistega tegemist teha , vanad vaenud ja värgid. Aga ma saan öelda ka et see oleneb inimestest. Ega ma ise parem pole olnud aga ma saan emaga läbi ja tema juurde ma lähen kyll törkumata. Isaga on nii ja naa. Nyyd on veits parem läbisaamine. Reeglina mulle ei istu et ma pean kellegagi läbi saama selle pärast et pean, et pere peab olema koos ja häppi. Ma pean tundma et ma tahan selle inimese juurde minna, ja see söltub paljudest faktoritest. Ega ma isa muuta ei saa, siis, ma olen see kes ma olen ja lasen tal olla see kes ta on. Viimane jutujamine yks osa oli kyll tüüpiline, a la see habe ei sobi sulle, võiks laiem olla, aga tülli me eiläinud. Juu mul on paksem nahk on. Pärast öde ytles, et tal oli hea meel et ma rääkima tulin

Igastahes, mul oleks tegelt arutust vaja, arutlust on kyll olnud.
Muidu ma ei armu kunagi hullult ära, sellist kus teha midagi meeletut.
vaid ratsionaliseerin köik ära. Mis armastust see on?, armastus on tundeline nagu metsik jögi
vähemalt see esimene faas....armastus on ka ideaalis muutmatu ja igikestev. mitte just inim oma igakord. Mingi itaalia vana söna käis nii et Igavene (inim) armastus kestab kaks :D aastat :)

ja ma olen idikas laenates, Tiina sõnavara et, ma lasin oma arvuti katki minna Wyatti juures,  kõvaketas (mitte emaplaat) tuleb välja vahetada, veekahjustus. oh happy day ;)
ja ma pidin ta elioni kaa viima, mul järelmaksukas
aga paar tonni liskulu kuus. i love it, really :P