jaanuar 31, 2018

Lenna ja Juss -Meie Vahel

Super blue blood moon lunar eclipse

Wardruna - Einar Selvik - Snake Pit Poetry [02 Skaldic Mode]


Old Norse/Norrønt
Snake Pit Poetry
Eigi hugðak orma
at aldrlagi mínu;
verðr mjök mörgu sinni
þats minnst varir sjálfan

Nú munk nár af bragði
ok nær dýrum deyja

Gnyðja mundu grísir
ef galtar hag vissi
mér er gnótt at grandi
grafa inn rönum sínum
ok harðliga hváta
hafa mik sogit, ormar
nú munk nár af bragði
ok nær dýrum deyja


Rangnar Lothbrok's Death Song
I did not look to a snake
to be my bane
things happen very often to one
that one thinks of the least.

Soon now will my body
die among the beasts.

The young pigs would squeal
if they knew the state of the boar
of the injury done to me
Snakes dig in my flesh
stab at me harshly
and have sucked on me
soon now will my body
die among the beasts

jaanuar 30, 2018

Meet the woman challenging Arab notions of disability

WOW. Thank God for this woman's activism /Proud of this woman and proud of my daughter. Lovely story!☺❤💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💝💞💟👍Disability is Not a shame Anywhere! Meet the woman challenging Arab notions of disability

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Game of Thrones

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LIVE Jay Z EXPOSED! All Aboard The Trump Train?


THE ROAST. OUCH. Whatever you think of Trump Adminstration or Paul Joseph Watson or Infowars or Fox News. these Celebrities should look into mirror as well ! #YOUTOO

jaanuar 29, 2018

Deutschland '83 series Season 1 Ep. 3

Deutschland '83 series Season 1 Ep. 3 where Ossie spy dude is in Brussels and he hears this song on Walkman
awesome track for a prowl ;) so fitting that Martin dude has to honey High Ranking Officer's secretary so to "place a bug"

jaanuar 18, 2018

I gotta go. YO!

From the vaults of Estonian music, this blast from the past coming from genre i'd call melodic soul hip hop(ish) music.
Remember this hit song from 1997?

and looks like song lives its further life( with feat artist and additional lyrics sounds different, and more to hip hop)-
one guy sounds like Leon "Skip" Miller , my professor from Concordia days( go to onwards 2:28 until 2:49- im so positive that its him)
Skip if youre reading that, let me know if i was right?

and here too with Experimental Brothers beat:

and here that EB thingy (WhiteBwoy Mix)

About singer:Sandra aka Sundry-has Arabic backround( born in Kuveit) of Estonian and Arab parent if im not mistaken , she is known by this song mostly, made one record, and is making music in States acc to this.

Sandra feat Jah Tah - up to the sky