oktoober 03, 2007

august 02, 2007

Russia Claims the North Pole

"President Vladimir Putin has long promised to restore Russian greatness and build an "energy empire." But until now, his empire-building had been confined to taking control of corporations operating on his turf, buying into businesses abroad, and blackmailing former Soviet Republics who dared vote against Moscow-backed candidates, moved to join NATO or acted in otherwise uppity ways. But Putin's imperial ambitions have recently added an element of classic 19th century-style territorial expansion: Late last month, Moscow signaled its intentions to annex the entire North Pole, an area twice the size of France with Belgium and Switzerland thrown in — except all of it under water.

The ice-frozen North Pole is currently a no man's land supervised by a U.N. Commission. The five Polar countries — Russia, the U.S., Canada, Norway and Denmark — each control only a 200-mile economic zone along their coasts. And none of these economic zones reach the North Pole. Under the current U.N. Maritime convention, one country's zone can be extended only if it can prove that the continental shelf into which it wishes to expand is a natural extension of its own territory, by showing that it shares a similar geological structure.

So, the Russians claimed a great scientific discovery late last month. An expedition of 50 scientists that spent 45 days aboard the Rossia nuclear ice-breaker found that an underwater ridge (the Lomonosov ridge) directly links Russia's Arctic coast to the North Pole. This, they insist, surely guarantees Russia's rights over a vast Polar territory that also happens to contain some 10 billion tons of oil and natural gas deposits. more at the link below


heh this is good one


If you cant trust kidnappers who can you trust
Wed Aug 1, 2007 3:06PM EDT

BOGOTA (Reuters) - Colombian mobile telephone users are being duped by criminals who pose as phone operators and instruct them to turn off their handsets just long enough to demand ransom from their families.

Because: their telephones have been cloned heh

lottery story

LONDON (Reuters) - A lottery winner doubled his share of the jackpot to nearly 1 million pounds after he mistakenly bought two lucky tickets for the same draw, organizers Camelot said Wednesday.


i bought lottery too fo yesterday, but not as lucky as chap above................
YET :) i may have won something, some numbers matched though, not the millons of course. but better sparrow in the hand, than pigeon on the roof. ehh actually i would want to catch eagle LOL hehehe

Yo, Blair

Yo, Blair. How are you doing?
--George w. Bush

St. Petersburg, Russia
to Tony Blair at the G8 summit

juuli 20, 2007

Friday 20th pst

I'm a follower of American politics.
--George w. Bush

Crawford, TX

Here i am again my dear blog. today is friday the 20th, last week was 13th :D i am not supersticious. there was odd case last friday one estonian model died in Milano. Supposedly she was looking at the map while not noticing that her heels of shoes got stuck in streetcar/tram tracks, so she fell and hit her against streetcar. Article mentioned that she didnt like streetcars/trams. i looked at the photo and streetcar of Milan looks like electric train, unlike trams we use here, well at least in Tallinn

see : http://www.sloleht.ee/index.aspx?id=238494&rss=1
its in estonian, true there is no tram picture there

what else summer is here and life is still full of contradictions and other stuff

juuni 13, 2007

Russia, Beware: Estonia Chooses A National Fish

this is odd article hehe
Russia, Beware: Estonia Chooses A National Fish
By Christopher Rhoads
Word Count: 1,187

TALLINN, Estonia -- Since this seafaring Baltic nation achieved independence in 1991 from its far larger Russian neighbor, Estonia has tried to forge a post-Soviet national identity. That effort became more urgent recently in the face of renewed threats from Moscow, including riots in the capital here led by Kremlin supporters.

A key part of the strategy: Baltic herring.

Following an emotional debate, online poll, charges of voter fraud and parliamentary debate, Estonia, which is about half the size of Maine, several months ago officially selected the small, oily animal as its national fish.

"Food has a political dimension," explains ...
more at http://online.wsj.com/article/SB118169987356633447.html?mod=googlenews_wsj

juuni 07, 2007

england won 3-0 over estonia

too sad cause we had good game building. But beckaham and the gang were better
and town is still intact hehe

crazy politics

Putin says: Azerbaijan is better place for missile site, use our and azeri radar station. they ok with that.
Bush: Russia is not the threat.
good god
this is funny

Im Lucky oh so lucky

I nearly had work accident yesterday. man, i lost focus for a second and metal brush disk cleaner, that i used, ate into my looong baggy t-shirt, wrapped part of it around disk of working gadget. not only that, it started to smoke so that engine died finally, but for a second i thought it either cuts into my tummy or my t-shirt will turn into blaizer, catch the fire. luckily there was one more person nearby to plug out the terror. I am lucky to be alive, unhurt. There is saying in estonian Õnnesärgis syndinud, born in lucky shirt. well i was yesterday there in lucky thirt. phew. i had to throw away the shirt cause i had rip it apart to escape from strangle of death. :) hope that doesnt mean end of luck hehe

mai 23, 2007

Have the muscovites really changed?

I am reading now Bulgakov's Master and Margarita as an inspiration after ETV started to show TV- series made based on this book. It talkes how Devil-character named Woland comes in form of forigner to Moscow on 1920s or 30ies, visibly poking fun also on Soviet reality. Book also narrates the story of the Master ( writer) and his lover, Margarita, who supports Master in his publishing of book about Pilate. Its a bit different story about Pontius Pilate meeting Yeshua( Jesus ) and of Bible. One can also see that Bulgakov spoke through mouth of Yeshua to Pilate ie power establishment. When Yeshua was questioned about what he said of Ceasar to Judas? he said that any kind of power is violence agaist the people and that time will come kingdom of truth shall arrive. i caught myself thinking: Wow, he was really brave :) cause it also meant Soviet regime :D

In the another scene, where Woland acts as a magican (Trikimees ;) with help of big cat Behemot and Korovyev to do the black-magic show in Variete theatre. Before the show starts, Woland asks to for a chair, sits :) and asks while looking at audience( his show :D), has the people of city really changed? Now that thing was in TV-show, but i am reading old Master and Margarita, where the question is missing. thinking pause. Later on devilous threesome test audience by giving them money and an opportunity to change their own clothes for luxury clothes and apparel from West that carried trade marks like Chanel etc. Thinking pause. And they go for it, hesitating first but do it. But fleeting are riches, and beacuse they are of magic they dissapear, leaving people with blank notes of papers or labels of drinks and clothes vanish from women, thus leaving them under shame and mokery of people.

There are more satire on Soviet reality, like how important were ID's and proofs( well like most of societes they are). There is scene where neighbour of Margarita, who ends up in Devil's ball as well asks proof about his absence from home to militia and
wife and he gets one hehe, that he was at satan's ball. LOL

But coming back to this day, looking at this case that happened at the night when
bronze soldier was moved away, riots turned into looting and stealing that night and next, me watching that, asking myself this Wolands question. Has the muscovites really changed? oh and its general question too. has the people really changed? although it applies those russian-speaking or any other looters as well in narrow sense, russian federations present political regime's behaviour in wider sense, it mosly applies to human nature.

Cauze if you read propaganda and are aware what really happened here you see difference. USSR "lives" in many peoples lives on and on and current RF goverment makes "best" use of it to govern its people, who know only some truth what this all fuss is about. though people obviously see history differently. italso happens day to day basis to all people, we are people with differernt perspectives. still ....
it is quite refreshing to read Bulgakov at times when propaganda flies high :)


What I think the president ought to do [when gas prices spike] is he ought to get on the phone with the OPEC cartel and say we expect you to open your spigots.
--George w. Bush

Manchester, NH
in a Republican Primary debate

In this job you've got a lot on your plate on a regular basis; you don't have much time to sit around and wander, lonely, in the Oval Office, kind of asking different portraits, 'How do you think my standing will be?'
--George w. Bush

Washington, DC

It's a time of sorrow and sadness when we lose a loss of life.
--George w. Bush

Washington, DC

mai 15, 2007

Phantom menace ;)

When I was coming up, it was a dangerous world, and you knew exactly who they were. It was us versus them, and it was clear who them was. Today we are not so sure who the they are, but we know they're there.
--George w. Bush

Iowa Western Community College

You Go, George LOL ;)

märts 21, 2007

Nice one ;)

There's an old saying in Tennessee--I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee--that says, fool me once, shame on--shame on you. Fool me--you can't get fooled again.
--George w. Bush

Nashville, TN
Speaking at the East Literature Magnet School

veebruar 15, 2007

How i looked for my socks

funny thing happened to me once... iwas looking for one sock that I had put on top of other one in absentmindeness...so that made me laugh that it asnt mice after all but me who "Hide!sock hehehe

Happy V-day

Happy friends day or happy valentines, i know it was yesterday

BUT here you go :)

Friends and folks,

What makes person to be a friend?
For YOU?
Dont You think how easily sometimes we lower value it, using it maybe too easily? I know there can be many meanings given to the word and meanings may alter with course of history.
and what do you consider when u change your mind or have to change your mind about somebody to be a friend or not longer be a friend.
meaning where you draw an imaginary line where being aquinted ends and friendshp starts or vice versa?

I know i am one day late, but as usually happens to me when i start to write email out of blue on some question i ran out of my libary net usage time hehe.....

Happy Valentines day or Friends day, and remember- keep your friends close :) and your enemies even closer hehehe :D( last one if ya want to rule LOL the people)

Wil you be mine friend if i change my ways,
will you be mine friend on darker days
will you be my friend no matter what
friends need to know that
or "Et Tu, BruT"

Sõbrad ja rahvas,

Mis teeb inimesest sõbra?
Sinu arvates?
Kas te ei arva kui kergesti seda kasutades vähendame selle sõna väärtust? Tean et sõnale võib omistada mitmeid tähendusi ja et tähendused võivad ajaloo kestel teiseneda.
ning mida te peate silmas kui te muudate oma meelt või olete sunnitud muutma meelt keda pidada sõbraks ja keda enam mitte sõbraks pidada.
see tähendab kust alates te tõmbate mõttelise joone kus tuttavaks olemine lõpeb ja sõprus algab või vastupidi?

Head Valentini või Sõbra päeva, ning pidage meeles-hoidke oma sõpru lähedal :) ja oma vaenlasi veelgi ligemal :D
( seda viimast kui te soovite valitseda inimeste üle LOL :)

Another on on UN :D and on war of terror

I need to be able to move the right people to the right place at the right time to protect you, and I'm not going to accept a lousy bill out of the United Nations Senate.
--George w. Bush

South Bend, IN

We should all do THIS :D

My job is to, like, think beyond the immediate.
--George w. Bush

Washington, DC

veebruar 03, 2007

Comments on docs

I saw two docs, one was about how one journalist with Uzbek background now working in UK, mAde an experiment about whteher its possible to travel in europe with stolen or fake passports of EU memberstates, which she is able to get ie Buy. which movie showed she DID! She Used latvian and estonian passport to get To UK, with NOOOOO Problem! makes you wander, she came to uK on Eurostar, which i ubnderstood should have good sec measures, but as movie showed if ya are comfident and carry well made fake and ESTONIAN passport, then bobs your uncle. loong time ago my passort got stolen as well, so i wonder what was this used for. so even if it was blacklisted,
it can be used, but then back in 97 we werent in EU either.
but still, i remeber how they praised Estonian passport, "this uu can travel with" makes u wander, now we use more secured passports but still makes u wander, nothing seems safe in this world

oh and then there was movie about one woman helping out kids who were born into brothel in India because of moms being prostitutes. they showed how she was trying to involve the in photography and schools, they were usually not admitted because of they parents criminal backrground, which is really an injustice, case whats kids fault in this!Oh and i remeber that they showed on boys father smoking haSHISH, lighting it with a match, and matchbox cover was-Lotus Temple :D whata irony!

More quotes from George W

"I own a timber company? That's news to me. Need some wood?" George W Bush
St. Louis MO
Second presidental debate

The best way to find these terrorists who hide in holes is to get people coming forth to describe the location of the hole, is to give clues and data.
--George w. Bush

Washington, DC
Second presidental debate

jaanuar 31, 2007

Yes to the winter, life, Da Vinci code

Winter has finally arrived meanwhile :) Quite a different story now :) I like it :)
its cold, but there are means to ceep safe and warm :D

Working as usual :)
I can say my life is rich of different experiences, both good and bad(they can help too) :)
and i am really happy with that. I maybe wish to be a professor or writer of grand scope, but i must say my life hasnt been less fascinating than other peoples life.
Sometimes i feel i should write a book, but then there is part of me, that thinks just to scribble now here on bloggger or on paper. And write when i have more experiences to larger public. Still way to go with mystery called life :) Though i am on my way ;)

Iam happy in little moments, even if i might be sceptical about whats going around in public sphere.
I am happy with myself little more, even though i have mistakes and darker side.
Ehhh, I accept my darker side to be part of me, if i change then i do, if dont then not. And Kadri, im happy that i have met her, even if that choice also brings minuses that Kadri cannot control :)
Of course there are areas that needs improvment and that im not happy with, but we shall see how they work out.

There will be lots of new i forsee for this year. Does new year start again in september, for me changes have happened on 7th month of year. We'll see!

I read Da Vinci code :D And it was a yessssss book. i think it was written fascinantly, leaving something always in the air. Check it out for yourselves, cause i guess its a matter of taste whether you'll like that book

Weekly Bushism

I've been talking to Vicente Fox, the new president of Mexico... I know him... to have gas and oil sent to U.S. so we'll not depend on foreign oil...
--George w. Bush

From the first Presidential debate

jaanuar 11, 2007

Storm and snow

There was heavy wind yesterday morning and eve before that(10th and 9th), another storm was closing in, meteorologists said first that water will rise to near critical level, but unlike storm of 9th of january two years ago( but coincedentally at same date :), it was smaller in scale. Casualties: one lamppost, tractor capsized in Vana-Pärnu beach's water, branches of trees and power outage in about 265 housholds. water rose 132 cm above Kronstad zerolevel, covering the mainly beach areas of pärnu, the sand part, not the streets

OH and there is no snow in pärnu yet, though metorologist say weather will be bit colder tonight, i heard that there is possiblity of snow and water coming but well see

Quotes of Day

Bushisim of the day
My trip to Asia begins here in Japan for an important reason. It begins here because for a century and a half now, America and Japan have formed one of the great and enduring alliances of modern times. From that alliance has come an era of peace in the Pacific.
--George w. Bush

someone apparently forgot about a little something called World War II

We do what we must, and call it by the best names. Ralph Waldo Emerson

jaanuar 05, 2007

New Year

Happy new year, world :)
it has come with a bangs of fireworks, was bit rainy, but saw the fireworks from home :)
though it was foggy a bit, just me tv, some family and of course Kadri :) didnt eat much, well expet xmas. two meals, father brought guest, his work colleague from algeria times, amir. he was nice. some how all family and amir fit into the house, house not big at all. oh and it snowed on 31st for hour or so, but of course snow didnt stay. so no snow, i demand snow now!
got lots of new pics bu no comp to load them, one day i will.
my bro and sis came to xmas as well to home.

And then AAstahitt 2006 experience, winning is good :) better than tv.

so long for now