oktoober 30, 2009

Latvian "metorite"


"An elaborate publicity stunt by a Swedish mobile phone company involving a faked meteorite strike in a Latvian meadow has provided a new case study on how a marketing campaign can backfire.Tele2 on Tuesday promised to reimburse the Baltic nation for the cost of sending military units and scientists to investigate a 10 metre-wide crater that appeared near the Estonian border after locals reported seeing a streak of light cross the sky on Sunday.The Stockholm-based company admitted it had dug the hole and burned chemicals at its base to create the impression of a smouldering meteorite crater.News of the apparent strike attracted worldwide media attention on Monday as Latvian security forces cordoned off the area to conduct radiation tests.A spokesman for Tele2's Latvian unit said the stunt had been intended to distract attention from the country's economic crisis and give people something "creative and exciting" to talk about.But the Latvian government, battling against the deepest recession in the European Union, was not amused and said it would cut its contract with the company in protest."The Interior Ministry doesn't want to do business with a firm that promotes itself at our expense," said Linda Murniece, interior minister.Scientists grew sceptical as they started inspecting the symmetrically shaped, 3m-deep pit and cynics questioned why a camera crew had been on hand to video the smoking crater.Pernilla Oldmark, spokesman for Tele2 in Stockholm, said the stunt had been intended to kick off a forthcoming marketing campaign. "The message will become clear as soon as the concept is launched," she said, while apologising for the disruption caused.Ms Murniece accused Tele2 of "cynical mockery" at the expense of Latvians and police said they were launching a formal investigation that could lead to criminal charges. "

thru the fallen leaves

thru the fallen leaves

I love this time of year. Today i walked over bridge an half an hour ago or so, and you could see sun setting over river of Pärnu at the canvas of dark sky, murky river flowing, and smoke coming from chimneyis permating the air, like there would be fire somewhere, but no, its because winter will be soon here and people burn wood in fireplaces. Leaves are fallen almost, today they were crispy a bit and i was walking thru them today at Vasa park near Theatre and river, longing to hear their sah-sah-sah sound beaneath my feet. :)

oktoober 26, 2009

Sinine esmasp'ev

Blue monday...tired...lazy...should do something
today i dissassembled Angeelika\s bed
lots of renovation in the way,
do some thing do
do i talk sense?
been listening to vennaskond lately
not up to discussion
next time maybe
vanaks hakkan j''ma

oktoober 19, 2009

Election results

Mayor Viisitamm or Tuneoak and Co has been dethoned, new force is called Toomas whose English name would be Stonehill hehe. looks like center party will go into opposition. K party got just 8 places and needles to say, that my boss didnt get in to.

Pärnus võitis valimised Toomas Kivimägi valimisliit (69)
18.10.2009 20:14
Pärnu Postimees

Pärnus võitis valimised Toomas Kivimägi valimisliit, mis kogus 35,6% hääletamas käinudte toetuse..

Toomas Kivimägi valimisliit kogus 7035 häält, mis annab 33kohalises volikogus 14 kohta.
Keskerakond kogus 4314 häält (8 kohta).
Reformierakond kogu 2807 häält (5 kohta).IRL kogus 2457 häält (4 kohta).
Sotsiaaldemoktraatlik erakond on kogunud 1309 häält (2 kohta).Teised erakonnad, valimisliidud ja üksikkandidaadid volikogusse ei pääse.Valimisliit Aus Pärnu kogus 740 häält, üksikkandidaat Koit Pikaro 361 häält, Eesti Iseseisvuspartei 289 häält, Rohelised 182 häält, valimisliit Uus Õiglane Jõud 104 häält, valimisliit mayor.merilaine.ee 99 häält ja üksikkandisaat Andro Roos 24 häält.
Pärnu linnas käis valimas 19 783 inimest.
5 protsendi künnis, millega valimistel kandideerinud nimekiri volikogusse pääses oli 986,05.

oktoober 18, 2009

bosses call at election day

that was bit odd
i m still laughing
i just recieved call from my boss, who belongs to one party, he is running for local town assembly these elections.
and asked wheter i have any problems of going to elect , is ther need to transport ther and back, raining etc. i said not thankss, i already did or done it /Tehtud juba hehe
he said thanks
like i did elect him LOL
i voted for person i knew from diffrent green colored party emblem list, from real greens list.
not the one that starts like first letter of my name in Latin wink wink

the most funny thing is that he didnt realize that polling station is just across road from my house hehe, no rain can stop me to cross the street. i was at net place next to it hehe

Wierd dreams

Im going through interesting phase, wierd dreams. I dreamt Nabil and I meeting girl, who decided to take bull by its hirns so to speak. She climbed on him( laps) and then raised my laptop bag, saying a la we leave it here :) lol. After i protested that was really mine, she looked at me and said resolutly that i can go to my own girl hehe. i dont know what that means, maybe i just want get Nabil lucky :P

and then i saw Dan too, in pub or cafe, and he was saying to you can hang ariound, but dont say anything or something like that..

I started to interperet own earlier dream, using bit astrology hehe. im suspecting that russian estonian speaking girl who hugged me on street and had hypnotic eyes could be Scorpio, at least thats one book claims that scorpio women has hypnotic looks. but maybe its just a dream hehe. some things in astrology abt people seem to be true. anyways there is one scorpio in horizon, but its too early to say that anything will happen... otherwise ususal work, and meeting Angeelika time to time, house renovation, meeting and calling friends.

Today is local goverment assembly day in Parnu, i went to the polll that either elect some one of greens or indipendants or election unions. at the election place i saw Viive Ollo\s name, and i said to myself, now thats a familar name. and turned out she was. so i voted for her