juuli 25, 2006

Recent developments

There are some tensions in workpalce not specifically with me, yesterday we had meeting trying to solve it, but its seems they are bound to stay. I TRY TO BE NOT TOO MUCH A TROUBLE, SO ITRY TO DO MY WORK AND not get into any kind of stupid arguments. its better that way, ia m there to work. there are couple of persons who i had some issues, but not at present, one guy seems shallow yet he has opinion about anything.he is very talkative. good thing that he has good workethics. work is work.
this our common point. they( companies who recieve bakerys stuff) say that they are good.
now lets see whether we can finsih t reasonable hour everytime.

Oh, and boy I do "love" whats happening in Mid East. The war is not over, and it seems it never will
grrrrrr, plus it was not suprice to see Hezb to attak north Israel towns like Haifa, i was wondering
when they are going to do that, and they did.one source says that shell fell down in Bahai Gardens.

this conflict seems to be of course part of larger plot in region, but its not good for innocrnts to die.

Hmmm...here he goes again..nice

See, we love -- we love freedom. That's what they didn't understand. They hate things - we love things.
--George w. Bush

Oklahoma City, OK

juuli 10, 2006

Rhys is Baccccccckkkk!!!!

CALLed Nab some days ago about going to tallinn around 16th, he said in his last call that Rhys is coming today

develop ments and world cup

So loooong a break.
i have not had much of the time to be on net, but its okay, its summer out there and life is out of the net :) i work( we had crazy night once, all things went wrong so whole dough and pie maKING process was delayed 3 hours, so i got home after 7.30 am and sleep ans sometimes socialize. heh getting used to night creature thing. sazw my lil sis Linda and younger bro Fady last week. havent seen him for some time.

World Cup
well it was good and it wasnt. I was hoping that after Englands fall( THEY SUCKED IN PENALTIES), either Germany or France will win, but it didnt go this way. Darn.though final started nicely, didint seen it all, dosed off a bit. so i didnt see this controversial Zidane red card incident. cant really take astand, though french say that italian PLAYER(S) PROVIKED HIM.

so he said :D

I firmly believe the death tax is good for people from all walks of life all throughout our society.
--George w. Bush

Waco, TX