jaanuar 17, 2014

"Mina Jään" (solist Lenna Kuurmaa) Delta Noorteorkestri Reaalmažoor uuel albumil "Lumevalgus" - Klassikaraadio - ERR

Delta. Noorteorkestri Reaalmažoor uus album "Lumevalgus" - Klassikaraadio - ERR

Noorteorkestri Reaalmažoor uus album "Lumevalgus"

Noorteorkestril Reaalmažoor on ilmunud uus heliplaat “Lumevalgus”. Stuudios on dirigendid Rasmus Puur ja Edmar Tuul. Saate juhatab sisse lugu "Üle müüri" orkestri eelmiselt albumit ning uuelt plaadilt kõlavad lood "Sajab lund" (solist Maarja-Liis Ilus), "Mina Jään" (solist Lenna Kuurmaa)( alates 21:52) , "Ma hõljun taeva all" (solist Maria Rander) ja "No näed" (solist Mari Pokinen) *** (Johanna Mängel)

Selgusid Eesti Muusikaauhinnad 2014 nominendid | Eesti Muusikaauhinnad

Selgusid Eesti Muusikaauhinnad 2014 nominendid | Eesti Muusikaauhinnad

jaanuar 12, 2014

On Acceptable Losses by Biting Beaver

There is sex and there is porn industry sex...its like eating honey and asparatame. You know I'm liberal and my number hasnt always been zero( guilty as charged) but read this, Porn is big mirage with another bloody fucking cold industry behind it that at the end of day cares most about money( sorry we have now overvalued and un backed fiat currencies) Now if you trade sex fantasy with legal funny money both laced with deceit and violence to get one, what do you describe the life born out of it?

jaanuar 06, 2014

Girl Scouts: Please make cookies without GMOs

              Girl Scouts: Please make cookies without GMOs

    1. Alicia Serratos
    3. Petition by
      Orange County, CA

Alicia is 7 years old (6 when the petition was started) and has been a Girl Scout for almost 3 years. Her mom is a Troop leader for Alicia’s Brownie Troop and Alicia's sister's Daisy Troop. Alicia likes learning about new things and helping others. She began to learn a lot about food and ingredients. When Girl Scout Cookie Season came around, she and her mom looked at the ingredients in the cookies. There were a lot of words Alicia couldn’t read and she didn’t know what a lot of the ingredients were.  She did recognize some of the ingredients as being GMO (genetically modified organisms). Knowing of some of dangers related to GMOs, she knew she wanted them out of our cookies. “I want Girl Scouts to make cookies without GMOs.”

Conspiracy Watch: Nikola Tesla: Destroyed by Elitists then Murdered ...

Nikola Tesla: Destroyed by Elitists then Murdered by Hitler's Assassins?

Bankers Destroyed him to Stop His Free Energy and the Hitler's Assassins Murdered Him for Defecting to the West 

Long ago, in 1884, a poor Serbian immigrant named Nikola Tesla arrived in the United States, at a time when America was still the land of opportunity...

Nikola may have been poor, but his ideas were destined to light up the entire world. It was Nikola Tesla, who invented alternating current, aka electric power. But that's only what the world remembers. He invented so much more. He was one of greatest scientists in history.

Brilliance of mind, ideas beyond our time, only Leonardo da Vinci could have held a candle to Nikola Tesla. He was not only an electrical genius, he was into mysticism, x-rays, photographing thoughts, resonating planet Earth, vedic philosophy and much, much more.Tesla invented or developed a significant number of electrical and electronic devices which were decades ahead of their time and would have been of special interest to US military and intelligence circles. Around 300 patents were issued to Tesla in 25 countries, many of them major and far-reaching in concept.

Contemporary biographers of Tesla have deemed him “the father of physics”, “the man who invented the twentieth century”, and “the patron saint of modern electricity”.

If society had followed up on the inventions Nikola Tesla envisioned at the turn of the century we wouldn't have a fossil-fuel economy today. And J. P. Morgan, Rockefeller and a number of others wouldn't have amassed extraordinary fortunes on the basis of that fossil fuel economy.

Many of Tesla’s patents fell into Nazi hands prior to and during World Wars I and II. As a result, Tesla continuously found himself in litigation over patent rights and other issues.

Conspiracy Watch: Nikola Tesla: Destroyed by Elitists then Murdered ...: Bankers Destroyed him to Stop His Free Energy and the Hitler's Assassins Murdered Him for Defecting to the West Long ago, in 18...

Obama: The Partisan President

53 seconds that should end a presidency

The most dangerous 911 video ever!

JFK's MURDER and the Pristine BULLET