oktoober 12, 2015

Sam Harris and Dave Rubin Talk Religion, Politics, Free Speech (Full Int...

Islamophobia - Example of Ben Affleck shooting himself in the leg stupidly in Bill Maher's show and not really realizing it.

Classic example of non-listening, being clueless and confirmation bias on behalf of Ben Affleck taken to parts here. After all, the religion is not a race. While bigot is a label also but so true is also that Ben Affleck strays into same area of he accuses the other side, ironically. To HIM. smile emoticon OUCH, Ben. You can do better! Homework next time would be a great idea wink emoticon
An original argument constructed to counter an idea.

The Idea: Criticizing Islam is a form of bigotry.
Advocates: Unworldly Liberals
The Argument: Islamophobia is an incompetent term with no useful working definition, used primarily to slander critics as bigots.
Advocates' Fault: Misplaced contempt and attacking straw men.

oktoober 02, 2015

Margit Petersoni kirjalaegas: Verd, higi ja pisaraid!

Margit Petersoni kirjalaegas: Verd, higi ja pisaraid!:    Kui mitu ööd ma ei saanud magada! Kui mitmel kiirel päeval ma ootasin õhtut, et seda raamatut edasi lugeda! Ütlen ausalt, ma ei ole am...