jaanuar 31, 2007

Yes to the winter, life, Da Vinci code

Winter has finally arrived meanwhile :) Quite a different story now :) I like it :)
its cold, but there are means to ceep safe and warm :D

Working as usual :)
I can say my life is rich of different experiences, both good and bad(they can help too) :)
and i am really happy with that. I maybe wish to be a professor or writer of grand scope, but i must say my life hasnt been less fascinating than other peoples life.
Sometimes i feel i should write a book, but then there is part of me, that thinks just to scribble now here on bloggger or on paper. And write when i have more experiences to larger public. Still way to go with mystery called life :) Though i am on my way ;)

Iam happy in little moments, even if i might be sceptical about whats going around in public sphere.
I am happy with myself little more, even though i have mistakes and darker side.
Ehhh, I accept my darker side to be part of me, if i change then i do, if dont then not. And Kadri, im happy that i have met her, even if that choice also brings minuses that Kadri cannot control :)
Of course there are areas that needs improvment and that im not happy with, but we shall see how they work out.

There will be lots of new i forsee for this year. Does new year start again in september, for me changes have happened on 7th month of year. We'll see!

I read Da Vinci code :D And it was a yessssss book. i think it was written fascinantly, leaving something always in the air. Check it out for yourselves, cause i guess its a matter of taste whether you'll like that book

Weekly Bushism

I've been talking to Vicente Fox, the new president of Mexico... I know him... to have gas and oil sent to U.S. so we'll not depend on foreign oil...
--George w. Bush

From the first Presidential debate

jaanuar 11, 2007

Storm and snow

There was heavy wind yesterday morning and eve before that(10th and 9th), another storm was closing in, meteorologists said first that water will rise to near critical level, but unlike storm of 9th of january two years ago( but coincedentally at same date :), it was smaller in scale. Casualties: one lamppost, tractor capsized in Vana-Pärnu beach's water, branches of trees and power outage in about 265 housholds. water rose 132 cm above Kronstad zerolevel, covering the mainly beach areas of pärnu, the sand part, not the streets

OH and there is no snow in pärnu yet, though metorologist say weather will be bit colder tonight, i heard that there is possiblity of snow and water coming but well see

Quotes of Day

Bushisim of the day
My trip to Asia begins here in Japan for an important reason. It begins here because for a century and a half now, America and Japan have formed one of the great and enduring alliances of modern times. From that alliance has come an era of peace in the Pacific.
--George w. Bush

someone apparently forgot about a little something called World War II

We do what we must, and call it by the best names. Ralph Waldo Emerson

jaanuar 05, 2007

New Year

Happy new year, world :)
it has come with a bangs of fireworks, was bit rainy, but saw the fireworks from home :)
though it was foggy a bit, just me tv, some family and of course Kadri :) didnt eat much, well expet xmas. two meals, father brought guest, his work colleague from algeria times, amir. he was nice. some how all family and amir fit into the house, house not big at all. oh and it snowed on 31st for hour or so, but of course snow didnt stay. so no snow, i demand snow now!
got lots of new pics bu no comp to load them, one day i will.
my bro and sis came to xmas as well to home.

And then AAstahitt 2006 experience, winning is good :) better than tv.

so long for now