veebruar 28, 2010

Detail of the Dream

That Girl of dream i met in my dream, the event had location: where Kaarli Puiestee meets Harju tänav near Freedom Square :) i jsut hadnt written about it
Maybe its nothing, maybe its longing but maybe its my destiny :)
I so would want that be my destiny :) but we shall see. maybe its not meant to be...
and i am chicken sometimes

Spring, pls come soon

Vivaldi's masterpiece :)

If something lethal would happen to me and i no longer walk in this planet

KNOW, i love you my friends, family and beloved :)
I saw somone copied my Crooked Judges Post.................
then i have new location-Pakistan, i wonder its either because of that, maybe,
or because someone typed some search words or it had to do something of Finding Bibi link. in any case i dont know who did that, and what their intentions are :)
We live in crazy world :) But i cant be what im not :) I gotta speak my mind, even if someone might not like it :) and no im not gonna look over shoulder or live my life in fear. Take away my mortal coil, if you want, but something of me will remain in this blog,in my poetry, words written, spoken or in the hearts of family, friends, and beloved :) No one can crush spirit that doesnt want to be crushed, especially of fiery dragon or reborn phoenix and no one will ever stop sharp vulcan-mercurian virgo mind to think :) until that is functioning :) and even if im dead my spirit remains! 4 eva :)

veebruar 24, 2010

Crazy little thing called....

Quuen makes best music :)

Lumi on muinasjutt hei hei

Head Vabariigi Aaaaaaastapäeva :) Eesti! Minu päeva algas lumerookimisega, peale lipuheiskamise tseremooniat Telkust vaadates. Katuselt, majaümbusesest, teed ja kuuri pealt. Lund on niiiiiiii palju, et see kevad tuleb palju vett, muidugi kui päike on töös kuivab ära ka :) Aga vesi,vesi, vesi, st jäätunud vesi oootab oma aega et vabaneda talve kammitsaist :) Ja seeee tuleb suuur vabanemine :) Oootan kevadet, mis on juba sees :) Südames :) Aga Hea on olla asjalik, sai aju kohe funkama , ei jäänud lösutama ja paraaadi nägi ka ära :) Laaaneotsa kõned on nagu ali head, sellised kahejalaga maas olevad ja inklusiiivsed. Ma mäletan, kui ta Narvas rääkis, ja oli inklusiiivne st mitteüleolev vaid rõhutas et ka venelased on olnud osa eesti riigi ajaloost st ka olnud Eesti kaitsjad, üksikisikutena st, Kodanikena jne. Vene riik ja Kommu riik on muidugi veits teine ooper, kuigi eks mõlemad nii riik kui kodanikud mõjutavad yks teist asga see on pikem jutt. Ohtusid tuleb muidugi silmas pidada ja teha suht nii et poleks võimalik nii keerulist olukorda veel hullemaks teha. Muidugi valmis tuleb olla igasugusteks oootamatusteks ka :)

Täna on ilus ilm ja Päikes sillerdab aknasse, ema rääkis et oli näinud esimest kärbest-kevad sla hiilib ligi :)
Tuju on hea, varsti näen ma Angeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Mul on hea tuju :) Ja ärge muretsege ma saan oma asjad tehtud, kui mitte korda :) Samm-sammmult! Kevad on südames. May the Force Supreme be with You :) Dear Friends
Spring is coming :) day by day! :)

veebruar 23, 2010

Eurolaulud-eesti laulud


Good voice, melodious, would work On Euro, but its not on final, maybe too ballaadlike, and there might be many like that
Anne is talent though :)


Unique voice and musics style, looking foward how they do :)

Marten Kuningas ja Mahavok

Mõnus, cool, rocky, talented Marten, my favourites, good arrangements :)
Wait for me more ;)

Lenna ja Rapunzel
From the hands of Vaiko Eplik it seems, song sound is it bit to mixed for me, though acoustics are diverse, Lenna's voice is good, ive always liked her singing, song is about Rapunzel waiting her Prince, so its about idyllic love. Im not sure id send this song... to Oslo, as much as i like Lenna's works. But perhaps it s worthy to try
Update: More i listen, more i like it hehe, contagious hehe

Vabariigi kuulutamise aasta päeva puhul!

Head vabariigi väljakuulutamise päeva ka
Fotomeenutus aastast 20008, Wyattiga :) Endla rõdu monument

Lumi jätab maarahva koduaresti - Uudised -

Lumi jätab maarahva koduaresti - Uudised -

veebruar 19, 2010

Crooked judges of Amsterdam

IMO Islam like meny petrified systems has reached nowadays as whole entity and (not perhaps some good parts of it or sincere people who believe in goodness of it), bancruptcy. its like Body of zombie, living but not really on own will. Wilders and Pat Condells word might sound heartless, but sorry, i think there is truth in them.
Study Van Gogh murder case with Heart and mind, and ask yourself, with heart and mind, would you have killed Theo van Gogh, just because he didnt like your set beliefs or help direct movie of ex-Muslim Somali backgound woman Dutch MoP Hirsi who draw attention to the serious family violence issue and situation of women in Islamic families( ok not all of them, but problem is there)? would you have killed him just because he is spicy in mouth and chooses not to have religion as his cup of tea? Would you kill your own brother just because he had soometimes said bad things unto you or doesnt agree with you fully? You get the point, and Im sorry, but Theo van Gogh was a mirror, you might think he was crooked one, and not very tactful always, but he was Mirror and what you saw was Reflection. Islam clearly has problem, radicals do what they want and rest cant, wont or dont do much about it. Yeah West has wronged Islamic world, but not all the time, go thru alll history and ask yourself is everything that Muslims or people who call themseve so, really done in "revenge Mode"? as far as i know it takes two to Tango ;) I think noo one is really guiltless or spotless, when it comes to any fight that has occured in history, all who get involved no matter how shiny armour was in beginning will eventually be muddy or bloody...Peace
Hate is waste of space and space of waste:)


Vaata ja näed raskemgi tee
kergem sul näib, kui tagasi toob see
vaata ja näed muutub veel kõik
saabub kord päev, jääda nii võib

Taaskohtumiseni kulla :)

King's State of Mind

Today's fortune: Choose to experience peace rather than conflict[8)]

Used to sit and worry about the future
Worrying about the future don't change the past
Used to think that tomorrow would be better
But now I know that I'm doing the best I can
I'm just a man... trying to find the reasons why I stand
Took some time to realize that I am what I am
And I wanna be rich, I wanna be happy
And live inside a love that shines bright enough to last a lifetime
I wanna be rich more than a fantasy
Ride the winds and climb, cause it's all a state of mind

Wake up in the morning and I turn the pages
Don't understand what's going down
Everybody's acting so outrageous
It's gonna take a lot of love to turn things around
I'm just a man trying to find the reasons why I stand
Took some time to realize that I am what I am
And I wanna be rich, I wanna be happy
And live inside a love that shines bright enough to last a lifetime
I wanna be rich, more than a fantasy
Ride the winds and climb cause it's all a state of mind

Hear people talk about going to heaven
Grab a little bit of heaven right here on earth
Troubled times lead to healing times

I was sad now I'm feeling fine
It's the taking and the giving that makes this life worth living,
Makes this life worth living
I wanna be rich, I wanna be happy
And live inside a love that shines bright enough to last a lifetime
I wanna be rich, more than a fantasy
Ride the winds and fly,
Spread your wings and fly
Cause its all a state of mind

Ride the winds and climb,
Spread your wings and fly
Cause its all a state of mind

veebruar 18, 2010

what to tell our daughters-thought?

Lugege seda: my daughter needs to know is that the emotional disaster that follows the severing of a sexual and spiritual union is a very big deal — and I do not want her to experience it. I want her to know that a happy marriage is absolutely attainable, that all it really takes – aside from making a good choice of partner (...which is no small thing) — is the right attitude.Which means, my dear, when you do marry, assume it will be for life. Though divorce is lawful (as it must be), pretend it is not. Second, do not marry someone just because you love them. It is not enough. There’s much more to a marriage than feeling starry-eyed about a person. Trust me: You will not feel starry-eyed forever. As a man once said who had been married to his wife for 50 years,“It’s funny: all that falling in love business. I hear myself tell the story and it all sounds so superficial. And it is, when you compare it to what we ended up with.” And last but not least, do not put yourself at the center of your life..."

Sunshine and learning

does that means to you that what i guess? or is it just a song from the film you like?

Varane õis·ja Anna Haava luule ja olukorrast kuningriigis

Õiekene ilusam, kaunikene kullasem,
ehid ennast vara ju?
Külm su võidab, õnnetu!
"Olen unes imet näin'd,
iluilmas ise käin'd..."
Õiekene ilusam, kaunikene kullasem!
"Ei või enam leinata, õnnetundmust varjata..."
Õiekene ilusam, kaunikene kullasem! ...(Anna Haava)

Kas ma unistan liiiga palju? Kas ma mõistatatan, et kas mõne su lauluvaliku, blogi jupi tga võib olla kodeeritud sõnum, signaaal et....kas ma olen ennast juba piisavalt reetnud, küsimused, millele vastusseid ma mõistatatan aga kui kohtun on totaalselt meelest või ei jõua küsida.
Kas mu unenägu
"I started to interperet own earlier dream, using bit astrology hehe. im suspecting that russian estonian speaking girl who hugged me on street and had hypnotic eyes could be Scorpio, at least thats one book claims that scorpio women has hypnotic looks. but maybe its just a dream hehe. some things in astrology abt people seem to be true. anyways there is one scorpio in horizon, but its too early to say that anything will happen..." jääb unenäoks, kuigi too oli hea tundeline, või ma tõlgendan seda oma soovide kohaselt?Kui sa seda juhtud lugema, siis tea et ei möödu päevagi kui ma su peale ei mõtleks, aga ma ei tea kas see oon meant to be? Minu sümpaatia ja enam paistab olema ikka päris :) ja ma ei tunne ennast halvasti, pgem on asi positiivse laenguga :)
Veel Anna Haava luulet:

Meid saatnud on vaikusehelin
ja tähtesäravad ööd,
kuukumased lumised metsad
ja vaiksed kaugeleteed:
me oleme põhjamaa lapsed,
kaks-me mõlemad.
Jääb lumekargelt põue meil südame sügavam õnn-
ja südame sügavam valu, nad ainult aimata on.../Anna Haava

Anna Haava luule langeb täitsa õigesse mulda eriti see:
Ei saa mitte vaiki olla...natuke julge küll..

veebruar 04, 2010


i had early rise, and im about to go sleep
but I m happy, tired so much
visted several docs cauze of Angeelika and Kadri, yep their visting
Lots of snow, and roads in Pärnu
that ARE SO iMPOSSIBLE, THAT YOU NEED PUSH baby cart through,
its like so krossikas.
more some other timee
zleeeep Khaled zleeeep :)

veebruar 03, 2010

Chidrens names

I just learned today, that my bosses new child who was born recently name is Katariina Anna Maria :D, and his son's name is Karl Gustav Artur :)
Also my Chinese friend has daugter of my Angeelika's age, and her name is Aimei :)
all bit unusual names :)

Looks like my stats has gone up

4 hits today an one copy of not my poem
Places from Santiago Chile, Ottawa, Canada, Karachi Pakistan. i wonder who?
Strasbourg France, Nacka Sweden and 4 estonian towns are now mapped, Pärnu thats probaly me, Tamsalu, Viljandi( Ivar?) and 4 times from Tallinn, so i get some traffic huh neat.

Yesterday i went to bed and ignored tv and computer :)
i neeeded rest other wise i would have been a zombie at work
still i need to change some stuff in myself for the better and for myself as it may affect other people. I feel happy actually, at peace,i focus on appreciating thing inside of me. We'll find out what will become of :)
Im hopeful yet gotta remind myself that its easy to misinerpret sometimes. Could you be the...? Mozhet ne odin , ńe odin korol :)
come what may
Path to Eternal?

veebruar 01, 2010


Definition of Insanity is doing one thing over and over again and expecting different result hehe and If this doesnt why dont you try something different :)

im grinning on that, though issue is dead serious,involves peoples lives!

On the Gay Cure theme

Definition of Insanity is doing one thing over and over again and expecting different result hehe and If this doesnt why dont you try something different :)

im grinning on that, though issue is dead serious,involves peoples lives!

Morning has broken

Ühel hommikul kui ärkan

Sõbrad, ma mahun teile taskusse

otsisin üht hetk jäi puudu aga leidsin selle, armastan sind kaugelt

Denun-Distant memories

Nightwish-Over the Hills and Faraway

Rise and Shine :D :P ;)

Hommikust kõik see kes juhtub seda lugema,
noh loota juu võib..:)
Mul õnnestus taas unest und näha, minu kavatsus magama minna jäi kavatsuseks
ja kell saamas vaikselt kuus ja mul on vaja täna olla asjalik ;)
st Teen oma töö ära, lugematute hulkade pausidega, et puhata ;) st leian koha kus lühiajalselt tukkuda.
Ja mul õnnestus need 3 päeva peaaegu mitte midagi teha. produktiivselt mitte midagi
Reede ja Laupäeva istusin ma totaalselt kodus, "tegelesin" arvuti ja Feisbookiga. i aint vetsus ja söömas käidud ja telekat vaadatud
positiivne on see, et sai sugulastega räägitud, Liibanonist ja vennaga ka. Ja Gordoniga, lisasin posu tuttavaid endale msni. One Armed Bobiga ka :) nagu täna peale keskööd, sain lõpuks osa endast selgitatud, mille üle on mul hea meel ei jää kripeldama hinge peale, et ei jälle ei leidnud võimalust või julgust omi mõtteid avaldada. :) Laupäeva õhtu vastu pühapäeva ma siiski magasin, ja laupäeavl ma msnis polnud.
Ma sain uusi asju teada ka nt Reet on metalit kuulanud põhimusana ja Ma avastasin Tänu Harrile KAKS uut BÄNDI, Denun- Tshiili METALbänd mille lauljaks on naine ja ma kuulasin seda mitu korda järjest. Kui ma Harrile seda ütlesin, siis ta ütles et mulle meeldib siis ka Nightwish, ja tõesti kui ma kuulasin neid, siis jaa :)

Ok, ja siis tegin video kuidas linnud kibuvitsapõõsas söömas käivad
ja Kuidas Rott seemne ja pekiraksus käis :D Uskumatu aga ta ronis linnutoidumajani

Terve õhtu treisin seda :)