juuli 15, 2008

"Gorjatshie estontskije parni!" hehe/ "Hot estonian guys!"

Picture this....
Nabil, Rhys and me strolling on Pärnu Rannapromenaad at Pärnu Beach after fruitlessly ended search of some of youth from Latvia, like Sasha and others etc, who later turned out that they ended up going different Steffani Pizza. We thought of first of one in town, but not finding went to beach one, again no sight.

To be honest, we didnt search every inch of downtown one, but oh well
if we would have found you guys, we would have had fun and last supper of summerschool. But i would have missed what i will tell you next

as i said....close your eyes and picture yourself to that saturday night just before midnight. Pärnus Beachpromenade lightly lit, fountain beaming colourful lights and sprinkling water. People walking by, grouping, spending their saturday night. Sunset club is reading itself for another party. So we walked there, going to grips with reality that missed meeting you, Latvians. Yeah, we had already had dinner at TexMex earlier, but it was not food that we were looking for when we anticipated the meeting that was supposed to take place..it was company and of course since i was working next day, it was chance to say goodbye, a proper goodbye. A goodbye for some time or for loong time or last time as no one knows when next meeting will be or when its time for hammer to fall for any of us..

ok,ok, i was not thinking in these terms like that then, rather like why did we ended up in so different places, i even said that its no way to end Summerchool. Gosh how i miss our bygone sumerschools many summers and winters ago...
anyway i was sad. and then alert, cauze there were many guys walking in groups...you never know which barrel will start to smokeing.

...so picture this, well built, muscular and handsome Rhys, tall and slim hehehe narrator and somewhere on middle Nabil strolling to end Promenade
bit somber mood, not ready to party, not making noise. So we turn around just before end, while i initially suggested we make round and exit to street and walk back on parallel street to promenade at other side of hotel. As we were walking back, we passed one trio, two rather middleaged women and one guy..
they were in rather spiritive mood if you know what imean hehe. they joked something on what guy did . when we or at least i had passed them, then it came out of blue...two phrases...i dont know who they saw first, as i didnt pay attention to that.
Womans voice in russian: Ooo... kakije muzhsini....."Gorjatshije estontskie parni!"¤ accompanied with laughter at end :D. I grinned while i was explaining to Rhys and Nabil of what they were thought to be... but yeah there we were, sober, quiet and not really partying at the saturday night...or maybe they saw other "hot estonian guys"...:D

¤ In Russian "Wow..whata men..."hot estonian guys"
PS! Its an irony...

juuli 14, 2008


well, i met with Nab and Rhys and tons of other people, people from Latvia: like Sasha and his wife Katya, Tanya, Katarina(this girl remembers me from Parviz times, but it is wierd that i dont, memeory is selective probabbly and perhaps we didnt really talk then), Aiga (whose pic i have seen in Kertus album, but was new face too) as well with people from estonian and Pärnu community, Marco from Belgium, Sebastian - Norway, last two being new faces. and people from Finland, of course.
plus other people i had short or no contact with.

I was there visiting, mostly at evenings, because i had to work on three days and i spent times with my lovely ones in town and shopping accompaning. Visitng Sschool was good for a change. Though at times i felt different and alien, like i dont belong there . Cant talk in same lines always...Though people treated me nicely in general. Some people assumed things though and one doesnt really get to deep in short conversations. I was reluctant at times to tell details about my life and they didnt ask for everything too always. Had talks with Rita and Iti about the family of mine and the baby and reason whys. It was civil at least, even if views are different. well at least about holy matrimony, i didnt really get into bigger discussion into God, afterlife, prayers etc but briefly said where i stand at the moment, my agnostic kind of stand. about when it came to be, for repeating record i will state, last phase of losing faith started around 2 to 3 years ago. but as i have been there before around 1999, it dawned upon me some time ago, that i probably joined cause i liked people and social principles,and it all made sense.
or so i believed, i kinda feel that i automatically went along with atmosphere and spirit so i went along with th faith required aspects. I was more optimistic about life then too. But i dont regret my experience and now i try to be realistic optimist. As of more discussion, i talked with Nab more later.

I had chance to deliver via Rhys one question to Mr.Grossmann, who was main speaker at Sschool. i have many questions. i recieved reply, characterically faith based.

What affected my sschool experience is that i was there randomly. it is one thing to visit and other one to hang around and lodge in school. though it was fun to play minigolf and frisbee with folks there. and also to eat out in Steffani on second night. last night of school was kind of dissapointment , though it had fun parts inside. I got to the building at very end of evening program, missing feast and Indian Dances, watched people playing games, talked a bit, accompained nab and rhys and two middle aged finnish bahai ladies, Kaisa and Birgit, who wanted to go steffani, but as that was packed we went to TexMex. I felt kind funny, maybe because iam not really in community anymore, maybe because i was expecting that wed go hangout with young ones. later it dawned on me that we are not exactly young too Nabil is around 40 and Rhys and me over 30ies. I felt especially ackward, when one them tried to make joke about ordering tequila. well, bahais in good standing dont drink usually but i havent been bahai in good standing for already some time. to be exact i havent felt to be bahai for some time. and i have tried some stuff, including tequila. In fact last month...so i sat there saying nothing..in beginning
I was more talking more to Rhys meanwhile. We ordered our foods, which took some....time. then we got our salads and burritos. I took Chili con carne burrito it wasnt that spicy. bit dissapointed.also other people were not happy with their salads. salads were said to be dry and not warm. Later Tiia joined us and we saw some other people from summerschool coming to eat there. Pearl of evening was, that
in middle of dinner, stage lights were lit and one guy announced that one dancegroup is giving show. Its name is Lancy, and lady who runs it is also an actress and runs own dance shcool that in the building next to bahai center here. It was an all girl group and i think its classifies under showdance. they used some mexican music partly, but werent dressed like one haha
They were good though. initially we started to giggle as we didnt expect that, but we clapped our hands at the end...so i got to see dance that evening afterall
Rhys told Nabil that why dont there are many girls like them among Bahais hehe!
after giving thanks to Kaisa and Birgit as they insisted on treating us we left for the search of the Latvians...see next story