detsember 21, 2006

Holidays at door

Merry xmas everyone :) dont eat too much ! :D

detsember 20, 2006

yesterdays snow is todays water :)

ahhh looks like santa( if he exists hehe) has to use car or helicopter(like the one in news in brazil did) to visit Pärnu, cause it seems so far that no snow is coming for xmas, but well wait and see.
yesterday it had little snow, which changed to rain last night, so there was water again.

I Demand snow :) NOW

what else is new?
Working, but looks like get some free days
spending time with my lovely Kadri

One thing needs to be said, to me pride of own nation is ok, but i dont sign unto hate to all that is foreign, just I dislike negative actions of people, and not any race color or creed. sadly there are people who think that in order to preserve purity of nation, some need to be scared away( skins for example use intimidation and assault ESP OF OTHER COLOR.I Dont beleive there will be coming lots of blacks or asians in near future to estonia To use violence is stupid, it might have effect, but its against that persons right (like anybodys elses) to be, visit or to live in estonia, granted that this done legally and society benefits from them, rather than being just an reciever all the time.

I am tired to see russian politcs playing that oh there is nazi rise here record, but heh its old tune
this how they work, "frgetting" that they have skins as well own farright politicial oragnizations there in Russia. I guess its interests of their nation to play games with any neighours

detsember 05, 2006

biking is fun

I like biking, it gets you to place fast and it does not need other fuel than food :)
Qurrently listening to Queens Friends will be friends. i love The Queen :)
I wonder what will happen if need to change, and will friends will stay friends?
i hope they do :) But we shall see who will be friend after complete change of me?
I am listening now the smiths never had one never from album queen is dead heheh
ok enough for today :0)

detsember 04, 2006

whats new

I dunno :)

Bush visit is over;
iam still working, even on 24 and 31st;
well all else is really almost the same

So he said

The most important thing is for us to find Osama bin Laden. It is our number one priority and we will not rest until we find him.
--George w. Bush

Washington, DC