mai 23, 2007

Have the muscovites really changed?

I am reading now Bulgakov's Master and Margarita as an inspiration after ETV started to show TV- series made based on this book. It talkes how Devil-character named Woland comes in form of forigner to Moscow on 1920s or 30ies, visibly poking fun also on Soviet reality. Book also narrates the story of the Master ( writer) and his lover, Margarita, who supports Master in his publishing of book about Pilate. Its a bit different story about Pontius Pilate meeting Yeshua( Jesus ) and of Bible. One can also see that Bulgakov spoke through mouth of Yeshua to Pilate ie power establishment. When Yeshua was questioned about what he said of Ceasar to Judas? he said that any kind of power is violence agaist the people and that time will come kingdom of truth shall arrive. i caught myself thinking: Wow, he was really brave :) cause it also meant Soviet regime :D

In the another scene, where Woland acts as a magican (Trikimees ;) with help of big cat Behemot and Korovyev to do the black-magic show in Variete theatre. Before the show starts, Woland asks to for a chair, sits :) and asks while looking at audience( his show :D), has the people of city really changed? Now that thing was in TV-show, but i am reading old Master and Margarita, where the question is missing. thinking pause. Later on devilous threesome test audience by giving them money and an opportunity to change their own clothes for luxury clothes and apparel from West that carried trade marks like Chanel etc. Thinking pause. And they go for it, hesitating first but do it. But fleeting are riches, and beacuse they are of magic they dissapear, leaving people with blank notes of papers or labels of drinks and clothes vanish from women, thus leaving them under shame and mokery of people.

There are more satire on Soviet reality, like how important were ID's and proofs( well like most of societes they are). There is scene where neighbour of Margarita, who ends up in Devil's ball as well asks proof about his absence from home to militia and
wife and he gets one hehe, that he was at satan's ball. LOL

But coming back to this day, looking at this case that happened at the night when
bronze soldier was moved away, riots turned into looting and stealing that night and next, me watching that, asking myself this Wolands question. Has the muscovites really changed? oh and its general question too. has the people really changed? although it applies those russian-speaking or any other looters as well in narrow sense, russian federations present political regime's behaviour in wider sense, it mosly applies to human nature.

Cauze if you read propaganda and are aware what really happened here you see difference. USSR "lives" in many peoples lives on and on and current RF goverment makes "best" use of it to govern its people, who know only some truth what this all fuss is about. though people obviously see history differently. italso happens day to day basis to all people, we are people with differernt perspectives. still ....
it is quite refreshing to read Bulgakov at times when propaganda flies high :)


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--George w. Bush

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mai 15, 2007

Phantom menace ;)

When I was coming up, it was a dangerous world, and you knew exactly who they were. It was us versus them, and it was clear who them was. Today we are not so sure who the they are, but we know they're there.
--George w. Bush

Iowa Western Community College

You Go, George LOL ;)