jaanuar 24, 2009

Another harrasment by IRI to Bahai community


Socialmessministry and crisis

Now Finally has Social Minister of Estonia announced she will step down in 22nd of Feb, before that she is asked to clear mess that started before new year to reform related to payment of support money for people with various disabilities and their levels and of delivery of pensions to retired people. You see state is cutting expenses and they have certain number of whom they will deliver the pension to home, they have turned down some, some of which have been disbaled people, those who cant or have difficulties to get their pension from bank, atm or postoffice, but some people live in places where they cant acsess easily bank or post office or they are disabled...the social minister lied that if people wit serous probalems , whose application by mistake has denies, they could appeal the decision- but it turned out that that was a lie, there was certain quota of ppl who will get pension to home via mailman. And finally Priminister said that there wasnt better person to deal with problem than current Social minister and he was just thinking whether to take her down or not. now Primeminister said that she has made mistakes, she needs to clean up her mess and step down.

And you know what I heard on radio that one paper called Videvik ( Duskor Nightfall or Twilight in English) is calling for retired to gather at front of Parliament in Toompea at 11.02 for a protest meeting...mmmmmm...is govt afraid that Riga and Vilnius will be repeated here? After all, Riga showed that peaceful demonstration can end differently...Can change of minister appease the crowd and the the Parliament windows will be unshattered? we dont know yet...but anything can happen...
maybe govt will fall too..or change...we will see...its crisis time

jaanuar 21, 2009

Obamas Inauguration

New US President inaugarated
20 January 2009 at 22:29
Le roi est mort VIVE LE ROI

Inaugural Address of Obama
NBC s Special Report: INauguration
mmmmm, very bold speech...echo of MLK I have a dream theme. but said to be fulfilled
yeah, It has, but there is still way to go
and he had better oiled campaign
and people were tired of Bush and Reps
so no wonder :D
But I ma kinda happy,
I hope that means no more stupid political faux pas
but why do i have feeling that
perhaps this is bad cop vs good cop scenario
bad cop is gone and good cop steps in..
I dont have anything agains americans per se
or any nations, its the systems Or THE SYSTEM
i am concerned about. And the system is the same IMHO

Report part mentioned also rumor of Somali terrorists suspicion somewhere in capital. but was later diminshed.

President mentioned "Our nation is at war, against a far-reaching network of violence and hatred."
Clue to The Base Group ? :)

It was pretty stong and bold an idealistic speech. But not offensive one, at least to me.
He is a good speaker and US is major player. this all affects the speech..
and he has charm....he is likable. i have keep in mind...that lets wait and see..
after all he said roughly that it may take time to better the cndition... which is good cause, ther is not such thing as overnight change...

now if i forget the option everything that conspiracies talk about him or thought that he is just figure in the game of politics of chess...he is allright guy...:)

Bad thing, its gonna be less fun with no bushisms around haha
i hope that humour industry will not die out nevertheless ;D


jaanuar 12, 2009

Palestine Question

From another blog outside blogger

"Taking sides in the conflict would not only be unwise, it would be a misreading of the debate — there are no sides to take. We can only mourn the lives that are lost and work for the promotion of trust and the abolition of prejudice."

This is loongtime goal, and while there are sides to take, it is true that that this what is happening is not working either.
But we can indeed mourn dead,
promotion of trust and abolition of prejudice is perhaps bit farway dream.

Strong economy backing the war in Gaza

Stark ekonomi backar upp kriget i Gaza
Translated thanks to google translator :D
Strong economy backing the war in Gaza
Of Per Roijer
First published: January 2, 2009 23:30 Last updated: January 3, 2009 12:44

The war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip is not a financial venture. With the experience of the war against Hezbollah in 2006 in the back, the Israeli leaders assumed that the current conflict not to harm Israel's economy.

Israel's economy is strong. After growing problem in the 1990s and a substantial decline of the millennium was reformed in the state sector. The global boom gave Israel a real shot. Many indications that the financial crisis will not hit particularly hard in Israel. - Israeli banks are conservative and not so sophisticated, it pays off, the Israeli Governor Stanley Fischer said. There are similarities between Sweden Göran Persson and the Conservative Israeli policy Benjamin Netanyahu. Both led by finance ministers of the reform of their country's economy, Persson in the 1990s and Netanyahu years 2003-2004. - You can think what you will about Netanyahu's foreign policy, but for Israel's economy, he was definitely an asset, "said Lars Christensen, chief analyst of Danske Bank in Copenhagen. - Israel carried out the Sweden made a few years earlier, "he says. Netanyahu cut sharply in public spending, introduced a tax reform, monopolies disbanded and privatized former public activities. Israel had until then had a highly state-dominated economy. Government debt was gradually reduced from 100 per cent of GDP (gross domestic product) to 60. The differences between Sweden and Israel are great, but there are striking similarities. The Israeli currency shekeln flows, the central bank sets interest rates independently (several cuts during the late autumn), the dependence on exports is large, and the industry is dominated by high technology, pharmaceuticals and IT. The latter allows Israel to an attractive partner for Swedish companies. Ericsson is dominant. The American-Israeli cooperation in the arms industry has been criticized by the left and the Green Party in Sweden.

The direct financial aid from the U.S. to Israel supports the other hand, the currency in a way that Sweden lacks, and allows shekeln been strengthened even though the country has a trade deficit. Israeli oranges are a major export product, generally, but to Sweden is the high-tech exports worth four times more than food exports (2007). It is clear that Israel will not escape the international recession, but the Bank of Israel maintains that neither the real estate bubble or unsound mortgages had an impact in the country. Any bank emergency does not arise. When the Israeli government is considering the economic risks of attacks against Hamas in Gaza, they do so in light of the previous two bloody conflicts: the attack on Hezbollah in Lebanon in 2006 and the second Intifada, which began in 2000. Of the war in Lebanon, it was feared that the economy would take proper ironing. But it was not the case. The head of the Bank of Israel Stanley Fischer said afterwards that he was surprised by the Israeli economy's resilience. According to the Bank of Israel became the country's GDP just 0.5 percent lower than it would have been if the war never took place. Much was in ruins in the north. Agriculture was a big bang and tourism störtdök - but stalk quickly. Intifada from the occupied territories five years earlier targeted a much larger blow to Israel's economy, including by terrorist acts inside Israel. Exports to the U.S. was hit simultaneously by the IT bubble burst and the subsequent economic downturn. But that was before the domestic reforms. - If the war in Gaza will not be for long, I do not think it harms the Israeli economy, "said Lars Christensen

Svenska large established in Israel Ericsson (available both in the West Bank and Israel) AstraZeneca Volvo (both trucks and passenger cars) Assa Abloy (factory in an illegal residence, forced to move since one of the AP funds threatened to sell shares) Electrolux ABB Ikea (a department store, another is planned) Alfa Laval SSAB H & M (planned introduction of several stores in 2010) Source: Swedish Trade Council

Swedish-Israeli cooperation between companies and authorities Flextronics QlikView (Data Company from Ideon in Lund, are now owned by American and Israeli capital) Defense Materiel Administration to cooperate with Israeli company Electro Optic Industries and has imported optical equipment to the JAS 39 Gripen International. Sweden also has a cooperation and an agreement with the Israeli armaments company Rafael about the possible use of Israeli weapons of JAS 39 Gripen. These include air missiles, ground weapons and reconnaissance capsules. (Advance of Left stone Alice Åström in parliament in 2004) Defense.

In 2002, Israeli military equipment were tested on Swedish soil. A driver loose plan produced by Israel Aircraft Industries, started and ended in Kiruna and flew test loops down to Vidsel and back. The plane was driven from the airport in Kiruna. According to sources within the United Nations and UNRWA, the type of plane used by Israel during the incursions in the Gaza Strip. (Advance of Green Yvonne Ruwaida in parliament in 2005) Per Roijer

Of Religious Freedom, State and Casus of Turkmenbashi

Youre wondering why I still go on and on with my interest in Religion...well its part of this world. And thus cannot be ignored...even if sometimes one wishes to pull the socket out ot of wall. Well im COOL with THAT THERE IS religion in the world. I guess my decade long involvment with Bahai Faith, partial Eastern background, curiousity , relative openmindedness and last but not least " live and let live" life philosophy makes me being okay with religion...well there are facets that i question and ppl that give me creeps, when i start thinking about them. But minus all that religion is a force to be counted in world. and i have at least now some symphathy towards religion. In fact at at times i feel appalled when someones right to believe is subject to someone elses whim or state sanctions, because Majority group or system thinks that other group is false or dangerous..Under this falls discrimination of any religious minoritys right to exist and believe what they believe. I recently saw a doc on Ruhnama and rather comical reverance that State of Turkmenistan, its citizens and religious organizations were demanded to give to lately died president Sapmurat Niyazov namedTurkmenbashi or Father of all Turks. Comical is perhaps wrong word, it is rather tragicomical, when one thinks that people had to live under this...see http://www.forum18.org/Archive.php?article_id=522 TURKMENISTAN: President's personality cult imposed on religious communities, published on F18News on: 1 March 2005For Ruhnama or Turkmenbashi you can either google, youtube it and see what world appers to you..And if Ruhnama is translated into your language, its thanks to may multinational enterprises that payd lipservice or sometimes even more to get business done in Turkmenistan as they paid for translation of that "holy book" of Turkmenbashi. The doc dealing with that theme is called The Shadow of the Holy Bookhttp://www.shadowoftheholybook.net/Survey from august 2008 on above mebtioned forum is available here http://www.forum18.org/Archive.php?article_id=1167TURKMENISTAN: Religious freedom survey, August 2008Amonst other harrasments an incident related to one Bahai is mentoned in August 2008 surveyQuote:"One arrested Baha'i was told – after the state decided in 2004 to allow religious minority communities to apply to register – that this "applies only to Sunni Islam and the Orthodox Church, while such dubious groups as yours will be thoroughly checked out with the aim of preventing any possible conflicts." President Niyazov at that time banned Muslims from registering new mosques. However, some religious minorities – such as some Protestants including Seventh-day Adventists, Bahai's and Hare Krishna devotees – have been eventually allowed to register."I really wonder what it was like to a Bahai in country where tribute to leader is reminding of idolizing like monarchs of past, a kind of like religion on its own. And one has to put Ruhnama and presidents picture in holyground or communty centre?i know that Bahais are asked to follow the laws of country and not engange in partisan politics amongst other principles. I do not know what it was like to be a Bahai there, but i assume that it was probably not easy to meet in big numbers. Maybe the Bahais on idividual level tried to find common points in Ruhnama, something they could agree to, maybe at individual level, some liked the president s person. Yeah, question is what one does if the climate of the country is challenge to you as countryman and member of minority group? At communist times there were Lenin's case that was close to that but that could be counted as pseudoireligious reverance as Mr. Turkmenbashi ordered to build a mosque upon which he decreed that that citations from Ruhnama should be written next to Koran's verses and that Ruhnama should be read by clergy. Which is step for more religious nature than of marxism-leninism-communism's faith of century, who proclaimed that religious creed is opium for the people. Yet in odd way, Communism of Soviets trying so badly to quench the religion and their idolizing of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, ideology and the state carries like religious zeal and became a kind of religion too. And then ther was of course Chaiman Mao and his little red book. But let us return to Turkmenbashi and where it started.."Although the president's cult of personality – which includes a gold statue in Ashgabad that revolves to follow the sun and a monument to the Ruhnama – began in the mid-1990s, the cult was stepped up after the publication of the first volume of the Ruhnama in 2001, which Niyazov described at the launch ceremony as a "holy book". Officials later likened it to the Koran. The second Ruhnama volume was ceremonially launched in September 2004. In 2000, one government minister claimed that the Ruhnama would make up for shortcomings in both the Bible and the Koran, neither of which were, he claimed, fully adequate for the spiritual needs of Turkmens. Controversy was stirred among Muslims when news spread last year that the Kipchak mosque – named after the president - was decorated with quotations from the Ruhnama. Indeed, to enter the main entrance of the mosque, visitors have to walk through a gateway over which is written in Turkmen: "Ruhnama is a holy book; The Koran is Allah's book". On one side of the gateway is the text of the oath of allegiance to the president carved in stone and on the other the text of the national anthem." ( 1 march 2005 article F18news)Any opposers were naturally "well taken care of" as anybody who lives in such country can probably can imagine...Quotes from article of 1 march 2005 on F18news :"One mosque was closed down by the State Security Ministry secret police for not putting the Ruhnama on the same reading stand as the Koran (see F18News 19 November 2003 http://www.forum18.org/Archive.php?article_id=187). One local Muslim suggested that four of the Ashgabad mosques demolished in the autumn 2004 campaign of mosque destruction were targeted because their imams refused to read the Ruhnama in their mosques (see F18News 4 January 2005 http://www.forum18.org/Archive.php?article_id=481). One theory as to why in January 2003 Niyazov ousted the Chief Mufti, Nasrullah ibn Ibadullah, an ethnic Uzbek who had led Turkmenistan's Muslims for the previous ten years, and had him sentenced to 22 years' imprisonment in March 2004 was his lack of enthusiasm for the campaign to promote the Ruhnama in mosques." In light of this, life can be stranger than fiction and be thankful if you stil have situation wher you are not persecuted for what you believe in..and "smile...tommorow can be worse" :Dand if you drop into youtube please check out this channel. The Turkmen Dissident TV athttp://www.youtube.com/profile?user=TurkmenDissidentTV&view=videosthat features news and satirical cartoons...

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Fireworks in Pärnu

in Muddle eASt

This year really came with the Bangs ;) its irony, that rockets can be used both to thrill as new years and kill as in war like in MuddleEast.."happy new" war, neither happy, neither new...

jaanuar 01, 2009