oktoober 23, 2006

Winter is coming

yeah!!! summer is gooone for good

So...back again

i am Backkkk :)

We have new president :)))))))))))))) Thank God ;) I know, i know, still thank god and be driven towrds agnostic world is bit oxymoronish, but one cant fight language :) or rather habits. heheh
Anyway threee salutes for President Ilves!!! Lets see and hope that he will be a good president.

Last week British Queen visited Estonia. So i played God save The Queen in home again, Brian May is awesawe guitarrist :)

Constant confusion at workplace, i had extra shifts.

Went to see Wife begins at forty( estonian Title Linda tahab lahutada-Linda wants to divorce), a comedy play in Endla theatre. I wanted for some time to see a theatre and this play. this time for Zero cash :))))!!!!! Its about man-woman relationships.It was a british piece( Ray Cooney was one of the authors), hillarious :))))))) Kadri and me vere laughing our HEADS ;) LOL off. she got the tickets some weeks ago after she donated some of her bood, she is a donor :) since it was her birthday she got to get tickets or so. so she said. this girl is a brill

Ok now some blackmailing LOL ;) kidding
2 persons need to congratulate King Khaled at his reaching of 30.ya know who ya are :)
Rhys wrote me....one month later and Nabil called me week or two later, thanks and thanks to those who remebered :)